Fall Trout Fishing Season to Open October 1

In 2022, the autumn catfish fishing season in Illinois will be opened in 59 ponds in the whole state on Saturday, October 15th.

Early opportunities to select catfish venues, that is, autumn fishing season, will be opened on October 1.Starting from October 15.

Local catfish fishing at Hengneping Park Avenue.In OGLE County, fishermen can go to the White Paensel Forest State Park and Paenkrik, a Centennial Park Park in Koloma Park Park.

The Best Fly Fishing Combos for Beginners of 2022

The first scholar’s flying fishing combination is a good way to reduce the learning curve and save a few dollars.In today’s market, there is a combination of strong salt water to picky catfish.Combos does not want to know what scroll is suitable for what rods or lines you need, but prepare for fishing.My first pole was a combination. Since then, I recommend a combination to anyone who is flying fishing.The affordable combination enables the new fisherman to determine what they want from the rods and scrolls without destroying the bank.On the way, you can upgrade to better matching your style.To find the most suitable group, consider the types of fishing, budget and poles you may bring about any warranty you want.To help you enter the water quickly, this is the best flying fishing combination of beginners.

  • The best general: Orvis Clearwater
  • Most suitable for catfish: Readon path
  • The best salt water: Readon field kit salt water?
  • Best Euro Naruna: Gray’s Fin Euro nymph combination
  • Best Budget: Cabla’s prestige flies clothing

The unfortunate fact is that not all flying rods were created equally, and so for combo.Some companies use cheap scrolls or rod blank to attract customers at a lower early cost.Don’t let this deceive you, because when the combination fails, you will pay again.Considering this, check the pole carefully. The construction of the scroll and warranty can help reduce the decision.

A simple way to tell the quality of the rod is to view the composition of the rod.There will be no high -end scroll seats, high -quality cork plugs or aiming points between the cross section.In addition to components, I also like to watch the rough and its movements.For beginners, a good medium or medium rod is a tolerant and powerful pole that can learn casting.Although the fast action rod is great, if you have never cast a flying rod, loading rods between false castings may be tricky.Another good choice is a glass fiber rod. The effect of these rods is slow, but it is very tolerant when fighting with fish, more durable than carbon carbon.

High -quality scrolls may be difficult to obtain beginners.This is not that problem for smaller catfish that rarely uses resistance.However, the guy of salt water can expect almost all the support of almost all fish.To find a good scroll, I look at the architecture.There are two types of flying trays: play scrolls and machine processing scrolls.Pour the cast scrolls from the mold to save costs, and process the scroll from the aluminum block cutting machine.I prefer a well -installed scroll, but there are some bulletproof castings on the market.No matter which type of scroll you decide to use, you can drag before buying.Check the degree of smoothness, the degree of adjustability, and sealing to prevent water from entering.

If you are a novice fishing, you will eventually break a pole.I have always done this.An accident, and there is a choice of choosing to replace the broken rod.You may pay more expectations for combinations with warranty, but in the long run, this is worth it.Companies like ORVIS have provided 25 years, and there is no problem with warranty. If the pole is broken, it will be repaired or replaced.Especially for new fishingrs, it is very suitable for fast fishing without other wallets.

Main feature

  • Line width: 5 WT
  • Rod length: 9 feet
  • Warranty: 25 -year warranty

Why do we have to lay off: A full range of catfish settings, fishing at a friendly price, fishing like a top rod.


  • No problem asking 25 years warranty
  • There are 5 different configurations available
  • Fully manipulate


  • The cost is higher than others

A few years ago, ORVIS started to redesign the ClearWater series, and they did a lot.I don’t remember an entry -level pole. It has seen the new Clearwater as hype and the combination, no exception.The movement of the pole itself is faster than other introductory levels.This is an ideal choice for eating flies or fixed hooks in a farther place you want.ORVIS created the Clearwater scales and rods, and perfectly balanced.Large arbor design has enough space to prevent the screaming fish hook.The most important thing is that this setting has 25 years of no problem warranty.The pole I break is more than I admit, so when I say it is indeed no problem, please believe me.The lineup provides a larger fish with a rod of up to 8 WT and even a 10 -foot 3 WT euro nymph.There is no better choice for finding new fishermen who can learn and grow.

Main feature

  • Line width: 5 WT
  • Rod length: 9 feet
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the pole

Why cut? The purpose of the purpose of the pole and the scroll has a medium and fast action rod, which is very suitable for beginners who are learning casting.


  • Easy to cast
  • Smooth scroll and drag system
  • reasonable price


  • There is no professional model in the lineup

Redington Path is a tolerant rod and scroll setting, which is very suitable for fishermen to learn and cast.The pole is based on a medium and fast action gap, and the blank is easy to load.I found that the pole had a good action for beginners who learned casting.It forces you to slow down the casting speed and focus on the line on the back cast.Despite medium -speed movements, this setting is still powerful for any catfish fishing.It can make good flies under the conditions of the wind, so that accurate castings, and have sufficient power in the butt part to set up hooks.Redington pairs the rod with the horizontal water roll plate, which has a large botanical garden design and smooth resistance system.The combination has the mainstream of RIO to fly forward, so all you need is only the leaders and some flies that can start.

Main feature

  • Line width: 8 WT
  • Rod length: 9 feet
  • Warranty: Lifetime rod and scroll warranty

Why cut? Redington’s legendary behemoth scroll balances the wild rods to tame the foam of salted fish.


  • Strong resistance system
  • Step with a positive Rio bone fish wire
  • Aluminum scroll seats can prevent corrosion


  • The combination is heavier

Salt flies fishing shows a completely different challenge of fishingmen.Making long castings, fighting with powerful fish and salt is part of the equation.The tropical field kit of Readen combines a powerful pole with the legendary behemoth scroll for fishermen to find salt water fishing.The giant scroll is well -known in the flying fishing community. It is a kind of bulletproof scroll that can afford to prevent big fish.It combines first -class carbon resistance systems and V -type big trees.This design can hold hundreds of numbers.Redington has benefited from the Trick flow technology of SAGE, its sister company, and the company is famous for making excellent rods.8 WT rods are tolerant and powerful for people who learn fishing in fishingmen.Positive tapered RIO bone fish quickshooter series helps loading rods, especially when fishing larger flies.The most important thing is that the pole and the scroll have a lifetime warranty to prevent salt from getting the best warranty.

Main feature

  • Line width: 3 WT
  • Rod length:? 10 feet
  • Warranty:??

Why do we have to lay off: A balanced and completely set euro nymph combination takes all the speculations from the leaders, lines and balanced long rod settings.


  • Everything is ready to open the box and use it
  • Scrolls balance rod well
  • Very sensitive detection of weakness


  • Currently provided only two configurations

From the outside, the euro nymph seemed to surpass technology and difficult to learn, but this is far from the facts.The euro nymph itself is very simple, the casting is very short, the flies are basic, and the rod detects the delicate bites.The difficult part is to get the correct equipment.Grays Fining Europe Nymph Combo took out all the guessing through the upcoming settings.It is available on a 10 -foot or 11 -foot rod, and you can effectively hide the fishbags in the catfish.I prefer 10 -foot rods to fish smaller streams and large 11 feet of water.The fins of the fins balancing the pole hole, lock the plate seat down and move the weight to the rear.This is what you want to paste comfortably all day, and at the same time reduce arms fatigue to the greatest extent.Gray summarizes a complete packaging to the platform flight line and built -in Sinight material.Just add sharp skin and the end of the fly to the line to use.

Main feature

  • Line width: 5 WT
  • Rod length: 9 feet
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty

Why do we have to lay off: A affordable rod and scroll settings, fishing is very good.It even includes the tools and accessories you use on the river.


  • Including all basic equipment you need to start
  • Made with high -quality components
  • Several rod weights of different species


  • With only one year of warranty
  • The scroll is not sealed

The prestigious flies’ clothing is Cabla’s answer to a fearful and expensive industry.There are 4, 5, 6, and 8 rods to choose from, one for the settings of catfish, sea bass and other freshwater fish that you are chasing.Unfortunately, the scroll is not sealed, so it is best to avoid saline.The pole rough has moderate actions, helping to fall on the water exquisitely.Moderate action rods are also very suitable for rolling casting in close areas.The large -axis scroll has a carbon resistance system and has a wide range of adjustments to fine -tune resistance.If you are lucky to hook greater fish, the resistance is smooth and you can protect light tip.For the first fisherman, the balanced combination prepared can reduce the learning curve.The prestige clothing uses complete tools and gear brackets to further this step.You only need some flies and patience to start fishing.

As employees and fanatics of the former flying shop, I have seen quite a lot of settings.My favorite setting is balanced and can be cast comfortably all day.The purchase portfolio is a positive method of finding a good feeling and saving a few dollars.No matter what fish you target, you can choose a comfortable combination in the budget, and there are good warranty behind it.In order to help reduce the scope of the field, this is the criterion I used to evaluate my choice:

  • Element: Are there high -quality components such as rod seats, wires and cork?
  • Ping movement: What are the movements of the pole, it is correct for the new fishing person?
  • The right to available: What rod weight does the combination come in?
  • balance: Is the rod and the scroll good?
  • Warranty: What kind of warranty is there?
  • Resistance system: How smooth is the resistance system of a larger fish?

The right combination can help new fishermen to reduce learning curves and set up for you for many years.Carefully selecting a combination can help eliminate bad guys from the benefits.The best flight fishing combination of beginners has high -end components, reasonable prices, and feel good in their hands.

Best Wooden Net (Sustainability Pick): Brodin Phantom Cutthroat Landing Net

Since the start of the movement, Feiyu.com has existed.When dealing with sporadic fish, it is necessary when the scattered fish flows and long flying rods.Flying fishing without nets may mean it is difficult to land fish, lost fish and broken gears.Modern materials and revolutionary design can provide the network for any situation.There are long nets, lightweight travel networks, and even crack networks to minimize the pressure of fish.I look for a durable net that suits the fish I pursue and has the function of being able to release safely.These are in any case, Fly Anglers will find their best flying fishing network.

  • Best Carbon Fiber Network: Fish Po Po Nomadic mid -term network
  • The best long handle network: Rise Brook XL
  • The best crack network: Frabill Musky cradle
  • Best rubber network: Broken branches are fully landing on the network
  • The best wading network: FRABILL floating catfish net
  • Best Woodnet (Sustainable Selection): BRODIN Phantom Cutthroat landing network

Although all of us want to put money into the glitter scroll or the latest rod on the market, it is worth giving up some high -quality networks.Any landing network is better than that, but tailoring the network for your fishing style is essential for success.I evaluate my needs based on my fishing style, water type and who fishing with.Once I know these factors, I will consider finding the length and materials of the ideal network.

Flying fishing has developed into countless technologies and styles.Although there are many overlap, some technologies (such as Spey Fishing) benefit from a specific network.SPEY fishing usually involves 11 feet and above rods, as well as large and powerful fish.In order to cope with the long rod, a long handle network allows you to purify the fish further to avoid capture rods.In addition, consider what equipment is used.Fisheries with vests usually tend to be shorter mesh.These can be sandwiched in the net release on the back of the vest to facilitate access.Those fishing sling backpacks or backpacks may prefer to use the long -handle net with a belt ring.In the end, fishing alone may prefer one -handed net to reduce weight.Although the fishingman packet fishing can benefit from the additional range of the long -handle net.

The net design has taken a long way away from the wooden classic.Today, high -end processing aluminum, carbon fiber and glass fiber network are common.They can reduce weight, improve durability and improve the life of the net.Netbags are also important for fish safety.Emglima and salmon are particularly prone to improper treatment.They rely on protective mucus jackets and when they are damaged, they are vulnerable to infection.The clean bag made of rubber or rubber coating is complete.Although you may spend a few dollars on the rubber network, in the long run, it is worthy of protecting our fisheries.

Main features:

  • Hoop size: 13 "X18"
  • The handle length: 19 "
  • Netbag material: Rubber mesh bag

Why do we have to lay off: The carbon fiber structure makes the fisherman have a lightweight feeling of one -handed net and adds a long handle.


  • Ultra -lightweight
  • Durable rubber mesh bag
  • Good omnidirectional net size


  • Only some models have an inch mark on the handle

Fishpond has completely changed the fly fishing industry by introducing the carbon fiber network.One of the problems of the long handle net is that they may be troublesome when fishing alone.Nomads weigh only 16 ounces. This ounce is light enough to carry all day without problems.I prefer to stuff my backpack on the backpack, but at this weight, most magnetic net holders will also complete this work.The 19 -inch handle is a good length at reach.Put the rubber butt to stop the provided by FISHPOND. It is an excellent wading employee.It saved me a few cases, I overestimated the water -related skills and underestimated the current.

Main features:

  • Hoop size: 16 -inch x11.5 "
  • The handle length: twenty four"
  • Netbag material: Rubber net?

Why do we have to lay off: Rising’s Brookie XL is a bulletproof aluminum net with a long handle and a hoop suitable for catfish fishing.


  • Durable anode aluminum structure
  • made in America
  • Unconditional warranty
  • Treatment of doubles as a bottle processing


  • The metal handle may be cold in winter

I started using the rising nets and salmon while fishing on the big lake.My favorite network is the big bag and durable structure of Lunker Net.Although this is a great net, I found that most of the catfish fishing scenes are too large.Enter Brookie XL.This is the answer of RISING and has a hoop of catfish.The network combines the small hoop of the long -handle of the LUNKER model and the one -handed Brookie network.Don’t worry, the net balance is very good.The head size is very suitable for catfish fishing, and at the same time, the weight is significantly alleviated.It is built with a flat front part that can increase the surface area, so you have greater opportunities to land fish.Like all rubber nets, in the end, you must change your bag.Just pull a bolt instead of reading the entire net bag again, but you can slide freely on the new bag.When fishing or fast -current fishing with friends, the extra range of long handles will be different.Oh, after spending a beautiful day on the river, the handle doubles to celebrate appropriately.?

Main features:

  • Hoop size: 15 "X60"
  • The handle length: 64 "
  • Netbag material: Rubber coating network

Why do we have to lay off: The cradle network is the best choice to save big fish in the water and ensure the smallest pressure.


  • Enough to accommodate any freshwater species
  • The rubber net is easy to be on the fish
  • Fold it down to easily store


  • It takes a little time to use

Although we like to think of every fish we release life, the unfortunate fact is that not everyone does this.In order to maximize the right to survival, many people turned to the cradle like Frabill Pro-Tech Musky Cradle to obtain larger fish.Anyone who landed in a smaller net fell in half.The cradle solves this problem by lining in the water vertically and restoring it.Although it is designed for musk, I find it very suitable for Steelhead and SALMON.If these delicate fish struggle, if it is not proper.Steelhead may be proceeded smoothly on the river bank, but after a few hours, most people succumb to the head and injury.The advantage of the cradle is that fish can be easily controlled and released at the greatest extent.You can even support a tired fish in the current when recovering in oxygen.It may take some time to purify fish in the cradle, but it is worth it for the benefits of struggling species like Steelhead.

Main features:

  • Hoop size: 19 -inch x18 "
  • The handle length: 30 "
  • Netbag material: Rubber mesh bag

Why do we have to lay off: The unique cross -border between hockey and fishing, when the big fish is online, the network completes the job


  • Easy to handle
  • Dajing
  • Personalized touch


  • Other web

I first encountered a broken tree branch on the net on iCast 2022.Made by recycled hockey sticks, their nets provide unique cross -border cars for sports enthusiasts.There is no doubt that this network is for execution.The rectangular handle allows you to firmly grasp the net, and the wet tape work adds additional grip when the work is wet.As far as the rubber mesh is concerned, the deep frame and bag depth are the size of the large fish.At the end of the 48 -inch end, the full -intensity landing network performs well in drifting ships or larger water.For example, the catfish fishing on the Niagara River consists of a three -foot wall frame, and then get off the car directly.When the fish refuses to yield, the additional handle length helps to put the fish into the net without harming itself.

Main features:

  • Hoop size: 19 -inch x25 "
  • The handle length: 7.5 "
  • Netbag material: Rubber network

Why do we have to lay off: The ideal balance of solo mission or competition fishing.


  • Big hoop size
  • light
  • Affordable


  • If it is damaged, the net bag cannot be replaced

The euro nymph arises from overseas competitive fly fishing, causing the attention of the fly fishing industry.With the popularity of euro nymphs, products such as Frabill Floating Trout.Among the euro nymphs, the goal is to capture fish as fast as possible.In order to quickly get the fish in the net, the fishermen prefer to hang a pack of or directly on the net in front of them.This 19 multiplied 25 -inch framework can increase the size of the hoop to the greatest extent, while loyal to the one -handed design competitive fisherman.Although the size is small, I prefer this larger size.If you really hook a big fish, it is easy to spoon smaller fish and have enough space.For a technology about simplified rods, scrolls and flies, the same network must also be used.

Main features:

  • Hoop size: 10 -inch x15 "
  • The handle length: 9"
  • Netbag material: Rubber mesh bag

Why do we have to lay off: BRODIN is a classic eulogy, combining craftsmanship with an eternal design, and has been operating for many years.


  • High-quality materials
  • light
  • The length of the good handle


  • Not made for fish over 20 inches or more

Regardless of whether you are a juvenile or old -fashioned sucker, Brodin brings wooden nets into the modern era.Phantom Cutthroat is designed as an all -round catfish net that can handle up to 20 inches of fish.These webs are built in a small shop in Costa Rica from sustainable hardwood.The craftsmanship is impressive, easy to light, and surprising.I keep the net on the magnetic release, so when I hook the fish, it is nearby.In an era where modern materials are always changing, I am glad to know that Broin’s classic wooden net has its own identity.

I have fish for almost all imagined technology.Whether it is a swing flies, euro nymph or fish fishing, every situation will bring a series of unique challenges.Choosing an appropriate network is a key part of the success of water.I found that the best network is durable, normal size, and the most important thing is to help the release of health.In order to ensure that the Nets reach my expectations, these are my choice standards:

  • Net shape: How does mesh shape affect its performance?
  • The handle length: Is the handle suitable for a certain type of flying fishing?
  • Netbag type: What is the material of the net bag, and it is durable?
  • Durability: Is the manufacturing of the net to bear the sun, water and grinding of daily use?
  • weight: Can I carry net weight all day?
  • Material: What materials enter the network and how do they affect performance?

Each fishing person should have a good net.When you pay all the effort to hook the fish, it is only meaningful to land.According to your preferred flying fishing style, some networks may be better than other webs.Consider the gear and target species you use to find the most suitable network.?