Fall Trout Fishing Season to Open October 1

In 2022, the autumn catfish fishing season in Illinois will be opened in 59 ponds in the whole state on Saturday, October 15th.

Early opportunities to select catfish venues, that is, autumn fishing season, will be opened on October 1.Starting from October 15.

Local catfish fishing at Hengneping Park Avenue.In OGLE County, fishermen can go to the White Paensel Forest State Park and Paenkrik, a Centennial Park Park in Koloma Park Park.

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Acquires Fins & Feathers

Bozeman, a yellow dog flying fishing experience in Bozeman, acquired FINS & Feathers, a flying shop in four corners of Bozeman’s eight miles west of Bozeman.

Yellow dogs bear the ownership of fin and feather on November 1, and the retail business and flight shops are still in the current position.

Founded in 2000, Huang Dog is a professional booking company that focuses on flying fishing in freshwater and salt water. It sends the fishermen to more than 240 different huts and equipment destinations in 36 countries /regions.

The founder and CEO Jim Klug said: "Yellow dogs have always put our customers first." "A gap in our service products is to ensure that the customer provides us for each destination (Whether near home or half of the world) has appropriate flies, equipment and clothing. By obtaining fins and feathers, we can now match the most related information of our entire location lineup.Complete the circles of the entire yellow dog customer experience. "

Crug added that expansion and diversification will better protect customers of yellow dogs, employees and overall businesses to avoid damage that cannot be controlled in the future, such as the company experienced during the period of great popularity.

FINS & Feathers opened for the first time at the end of 2000."We are glad to join the yellow dog team and help them continue to develop into one of the main brands of flying fishing.The business is related to the local flying fishing community, while looking for creative methods to value the flying fishing experience for our customers. This is the next step of this process. We are happy to become part of the yellow dog family. Like fins and feathers,The yellow dog was established and created in Bozman, and it has become part of the local site for 20 years. This is perfectly suitableKeep our customers, employees and the entire fishing industry."

Photo is fishing by yellow dogs

Hooked on Fly Fishing: The Best Fly Fishing Gear and Tips to Get You Started

Fishing is a unique and exciting experience, and only some people can try.This sport is challenging, but after investing the lines into the water and waiting for the perfect moment, the return of landing fish is worth it.If you are eager to start fishing, then you need to start.Whether you are a novice for sports or to explore different methods, this is everything you need to understand about flying fishing.

Flying fishing is a way of fishing for fishing rods, wires and flies.Although many other types of fishing depend on bait, fly fishing uses artificial bait called flies.The flying rod is a long and sensitive device used to cast lines and flies.When you catch things, the scroll on the pole is used for queuing.The line is fixed on the flies, and flies are things you use to attract fish.Fishing is not only a leisure movement, but also a form of fishing for fishing.Flying fishing from the ship, the dock, the river bank, or the mountains and streams.(Check out our veteran beginner guidelines).

The flying rod is a tool for the casting line and involved it in.There are something you need to know when choosing a pole.The first thing to find is the length.The length of the pole depends on the environment you want to fish.For example, if you plan to fish from the stream, you need a shorter pole, and if you fish from the pier longer, you will use a rod.Other things to remember when choosing a flying rod are the materials and weight of the pole.The rod manufacturer uses different types of materials to make the rod, which will affect the sensitivity of the rod.The weight of the pole refers to the weight of the pole, which will play a role in the rod.

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The fishing line is an important part of flying fishing.When you catch fish, they are used to cast flies into a thread.There are several different types of flying fishing lines, and each fishing line has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type of flying fishing line is called weight front line.This type of production line aims to cast farther fly than other types of lines.It also has a lot of weight near the tip, which helps sink quickly.The weight towards the front line is most suitable for fishing in fast -moving water.

Another type of flying fishing line is called double cone line.This type of line has two different faucets -one online and the other at the end.Double cone design can accurately cast lightweight flies.They are also less likely to be entangled than other types of lines.

The third category of the most common flying fishing line is called the platform line.The horizontal line does not have a taper, and their design is used with weighted flies.They are also less likely to be entangled than other types of lines.

There are also special fly fishing lines for specific purposes, such as stream fishing or saline fishing.Choosing the right flying fishing line is important to make full use of your flying rod.

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Flying flooding is a bait for flying fishing.It looks like insects, which is used to attract fish.There are many different types of flies, and each fishing flies are designed to imitate different types of insects.For example, some flies are designed to look like bait, while others are designed to look like five or other types of insects.

To use fly fishing flies, you must first apply lines.The casting rod may be a bit tricky, but as long as you practice a little, you can easily do this.After release the line, you need to wait for fish bite.When the fish bites, you need to set up a hook by stirring in the direction of the fish.Once you hook the fish, you need to be involved in the scroll handle.It may be difficult to roll up in the fish, so please prepare some efforts in it.

If you are a novice to fish, it is important to learn how to tie the flies correctly.There are many different methods to tie flies, and each method has its own instruction set.Once you learn how to tie the flies, you can customize bait in any way you want.You can also try different types of materials and colors until you find the most suitable combination.

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The wader is a fishing person who keeps your feet and calves dry when fishing.There are several different types of wading, but the most common type is a high -end hydrotomotor.The hydrotomyrum of the chest is made of dense chloropine rubber or rubber, extending from the waist to the chest.They have a built -in gravel protective cover to prevent sand and gravel from entering the fisherman’s boots.According to the weather conditions, the water -related device can be worn on conventional clothes or hot underwear.

When fishing in cold weather or flowing water, wading is usually worn.They protect the fishermen’s feet and legs from being damaged by cold water and wet.Watering can also help keep the fisherman’s clothes dry, which is important to fish in cold weather.When fishing in flowing water, wading helps maintain the basis of the fisherman, which may be important when casting a flying rod.

There are several different ways to wear wading.The most common way is to put them on your head.First, you should walk into the legs of the wader and pull them to the waist.Before you pull all the way, make sure the gravel protector is face to face.Once they are in your waist, you can pass your arms through the armpit and tighten them.Another way to wear waders is to step on them like a pair of pants, and then pull them to your waist.

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Flying fishing boots are important equipment for flying fishing.They keep their feet warm and protect them from the severe conditions they may encounter when fishing.There are several different types of flying fishing boots on the market, and each boot has its own unique features.

When buying flying fishing boots, it is important to consider the type of terrain to fish.If you fish under cold and humid conditions, you need a pair of heat -inspired waterproof boots.If you fish in warm weather, you can escape a few lightweight boots.

Another thing to consider when buying flying fishing boots is appropriate.Make sure you get a pair of very suitable boots so that you can wear them all day.

For anyone who wants to keep safe and comfortable while fishing, flying fishing boots is an important equipment.With many different choices, it is easy to find a pair of boots that can meet your needs.

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When it comes to fishing and clothes, several clothing is critical to the fishingman.The first is a pair of well -waders.The wading is to keep you dry and warm when fishing, and use various styles and prices.You can find waders made from chloroplasite, Gore Tax, rubber and other materials, from $ 50 to $ 300 or more.

Another important flying fishing clothes are a good jacket.The jacket will keep you warm in cold weather and protect your exemption of wind.When fishing, wearing a hat and some gloves is also a good idea, especially if you want to fish in cold weather.

In addition to clothing, you also have some other fishing things.High -quality flying rods and high -quality lines and scrolls are essential.You also need flies, which is an artificial bait that imitates insects.There are many different types of flies, and each fly aims to capture fish in a specific way.You can buy flies at most sports goods stores, or you can make flies by tie your own flies.

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According to Tim Flagler, an outdoor writer and fly fishing coach, flying fishing storage is a process of effectively organizing fly fishing equipment.This may include all kinds of things, such as your flying box, net, wading and boots, raincoats, polarized sunglasses and front lights.

The most important thing to consider when arranging fly fishing storage is what you use most often.For example, if you usually fish from the ship, keep the equipment on the water.On the other hand, if you are a bank fisherman, please touch all the equipment.

One of the best ways to store flying fishing equipment is to use the flying rod storage system.This is a convenient shelf that can be installed in the wall or closet.It can accommodate up to 12 rods and has built -in storage space for scrolls and other accessories.

Another good way to store flying fishing gear is to use waterproof luggage bags.This will protect your equipment from the impact of elements and allow you to easily transport it from one position to another.

No matter how you store flying fishing gear, you must ensure that everything is easy to reach, so that you can spend more time fishing and spend less time to find your own things!

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Fishing is a unique and exciting experience, and only some people can try.This sport is challenging, but after investing the lines into the water and waiting for the perfect moment, the return of landing fish is worth it.If you are eager to start fishing, or have tried before, please share your experience in the comments below!