ASA to increase fly fishing focus at ICAST 2023

The American Sports Fishing Association announced a plan this week, which is planned to be held in Orando from July 11th to 14th, 2023 at the next international Allied Fishing Industry Conference.

"In ASA, our goal is to represent the entire leisure fishing community, and Flying Fishing plays a key role in attracting specific fishermen," ASA announced the announcement of the new development project."Most of the problems related to the acquisition, clean water and rich fisheries overlap the conventional fisheries and flies related to ASA. These sounds provide a strong voice. The sound is voiced by the government, Capitol Mountain, and all over the country."

This is real.ASA is a powerful hall in Washington, DC, and it does have important political influence.But in general, it has always been the representative of the traditional fishing industry; the fly fishing industry has always watched the annual iCast exhibition outside.

However, as the public fished more on ICAST in 2023, ASA seemed to be really interested in attracting fishing gear manufacturers and other industries.Even if ASA and AFFTA worked together for several years before 2019, this is not the case.It is separated from the rest of the ICAST exhibition, and the two parts of the industry usually have no spouse during the exhibition.

In the press release earlier this week, ASA asserted that it will be fishing as an annual conference in the "main category", and has its own new product display cabinet and its own new product reward.In addition, "Flying Pond will be located at 2023 Convention & MDASH & MDASH; Pond’s" border "between the fly fishing part of the labeled performance and the traditional gear part. The ASA’s trade exhibition and vice president of member Blake Swango are considered to be the" ICAST """Main real estate", and hopes that it will encourage flies and equipment personnel to mix more.

The obvious move to promote ASA & RSquo’s interest in fly fishing may be explained as the "hitting" of the American Flying Fishing Trading Association. Since 2019, the association has hosted its own trade exhibition twice.International Flying Flight Dealer Conference & MDASH; Except icast.In 1920 and 2021, COVID-19’s popularity squeezed IFTD, but the flying fishing industry gathered in Denver in 2019, and gathered again in Salt Lake City in March 2022, with some soft back market.

However, according to Swango, the intention of the announcement is not hostile to AFFTA.

SWANGO said in the telephone interview: "I have a conversation with our board and employees for several years." "The purpose is to be asleep as much as possible and provide opportunities for fishing manufacturers to enter thousands of dealers and inImportant media existence. "Indeed, ICAST attract hundreds of representatives from sports fishing media to Orlando every summer.

In other words, before the news was announced, no communication with AFFTA was communicated in advance.

Is there any award?Swango said, of course, this is a motivation to motivate fishing brands to participate in the annual ICAST exhibition.In the past, the expo included limited flying fishing manufacturer awards, such as "Best New Flying Ring" or "Best New Flight Wheel".But the performance in 2023 will be rewarded with a large specific gear.The award category includes:

  • Fly fishing stick
  • Flying fishing scroll
  • Flying fishing and wading and wading boots
  • Flying fishing line, leader, tip and line accessories
  • Flying fishing bag, luggage and luggage
  • Flying fishing technology clothing and accessories

Swango said: "We want to expand the focus." "This will give flying fishing manufacturers the opportunity to improve their personal information. We see a few flying fishing brands that have promised to participate in 2023 iCast."

Swango pointed out that Cortland, Simms and NRS are committed to iCast in 2023 and stand out on his head. Several "cross -border" brands will also participate in Orlando.

Regardless of the ASA announcement, AFFTA plans to hold the conference in 2023.Lucas Bissett, an executive director of Affta & RSquo, said the Flying Fishing Industry Trade Fair is planned to be held in Salt Lake City in late September.The exact date has been determined, but the show will be held between September 25th and September 29th.

Bissett refused to comment on ASA & RSQUO’s seemingly purposeful distance, but pointed out that the existence of ICAST’s fly fishing industry is not new.Many flying fishing manufacturers participate in the ASA program every year, and he does not want to change.

However, he said that when next fall, some changes will happen.

He said: "We are studying some new concepts." "I spent some time talking to people in the industry. We will have those traditional trade table components, but there will be some new content."

According to Bissett, the popularity has changed everything and threw the traditional IFTD model into his ears.

He said, "This forces us to view other choices and become more creative and flexible." Bissert said why AFFTA was held in Charleston, South Carolina, October 16th to 19th, 2022 to Charleston, South Carol.Comprehensive "Industry Summit".It was once a "dealer summit", mainly concentrated on retailers and dealers. Now it is open to manufacturers, retailers, dealers, guidelines and Outfitters & Hellip.Everyone participating in the flight space.

"AFFTA is still the channel of the industry gathered together and talked about" big pictures ". Fishing," Bissert said."We still have a lot to talk about. Our members are still dealing with the supply chain problem that is still hovering in COVID. We still need to solve the trade opportunities, tariffs and other issues that affect fly fishing."

Moreover, Bissete said that even if he had to deal with big popularity, Affita was in a good position.

He said: "We are very good." "From a financial perspective, we have a better weathering COVID than most industry organizations, and we" fulfill the front of cash. "We have the ability to flexibly & mdash;The exhibition is related to make money. "

Instead, according to Bissett, AFFTA is guiding its resources to help their members develop better business tools.In the next few months, it will need a "census", which will collect anonymous data and use it to help the fishing industry meet its needs in the universal popular landscape.

Moreover, he said that all of this began in the industry summit held next month in Charleston. He hoped that the participants would not only participate in advanced training and business seminars in a more relaxed "no competition" atmosphere, but also allowed"Allow" we know how they want to develop the industry."

It seems wise to cut off the "trade exhibition" to ASA and iCast, but Bissett pointed out that summer is not an ideal time for the fishing industry to gather.For most flying fishing retailers in North America, the goal is to gather manufacturers, dealers and retailers to carry out business.

Therefore, IFTD SHOW & MDash; in one or another (Bissett) even hinted that the annual conference may not bear the IFTD nickname) & mdash; after the peak of the fishing season, it will occur in September 2023.Essence

And, as mentioned earlier, it does not look like traditional conventions.Bissett seems to be a concept, that is, smaller settings (IFTD, compared to iCast, of course) make industry representatives easier to "make more meaningful dialogue" on the craftsmanship and business of craftsmanship.

He said that it takes some time and will have some evolution.But motivation & MDASH; from manufacturers to retailers, integrate all aspects of the flight and fishing industry.

He said: "It may seem different, but there will be some recognizable parts."

Bestete said that the fly fishing industry has a unique voice.The industry needs its own activities because we do have different mentality and hell.A different spirit."

And he is one thing.Regardless of the industry’s status, IFTD programs do not seem to disappear.It just comes back.As Bissett’s proposal, the industry recognizes that IFTD in one or another.

"In the past," Bissett, he has already worked for about a year. Have Performance.In 2023, we think Performance."

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How can I be sure what flying rods do I need?I work backwards.

I started with five key issues:

  1. What size flies do I want to fish?
  2. How many flies are the flies and/or windproof?
  3. How close or far from fishing?
  4. How much wind do I expect?
  5. What type of presentation do I need?

These five questions tell me that I need to know almost everything to choose and hell; drum sound, please & hellip; no, not a flying rod.A flying line and leader.

I chose flight lines and leaders based on the answers to these five questions.If my fishing size is 18 feet flies, with weird flies, with 35 & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo ” requires a specific flight line and leader combination.If I use the running on my waist to stick a few weighted nymphs, I want a different line/leader combination.If I want to play 60 & rsquo; to a distant bank.

Looking back: The size and weight of my flies, the distance between the distance, the cast, the wind (or the lack of wind), the type of performance determines the appropriate flight line and leader.The flight line and the leader told me the decision of the length, weight and movement of the flying rod.

Simple, right?Well, sometimes, sometimes.

If I just want to do one thing on the water, my choice will be more obvious.Assuming I want to fish in the fish in the fish, I have confidence, I will be at 30 & rsquo of; rsquo; and 40 & rsquo; under relatively calm conditions.For me, it is easy to choose the best line/leadership combination for this situation, and then choose a pole designed to handle the specific task.

However, let me say that I just need to use the settings until the wind starts in the afternoon. Those catfish rising catfish will disappear, and I will switch to No. 8 Grasshopper & Mdash;Essence

Now, I need to ask myself whether the lines and leaders I use earlier can still work normally.This will win, and whether I need to rebuild my leaders, or I need to change the leader and the flight line.The answers to these questions will help me determine whether I use the same rod I like before, or whether I need to choose a new rod to match the new line/leader/flight combination required.

There are some ideas here.We do not use 9 & rsquo; 5 weight rods regularly because it is always the best tool for specific fishing conditions.We use 9 & rsquo; 5 weight because it is so extensive potential.

There are some decisions that flying fishermen always need to make.When we change flies and technology, we must also decide whether to adjust our line and leader combination & mdash; maybe even change our flying rod.For example, a 8 -inch 4 weight may be the ideal setting of dried fly fishing on a small spring creek, and 9 & rsquo; 6 weight may be the ideal stick to imitate the fishing fight on the West River.Do we carry two rods, or choose a pole that can handle two situations?

You may imagine that the answer to this question eventually depends on the flies we will use, the distance we plan to apply, the presentation we choose, and the air volume we can expect.

In the end, a factor we did not propose was not before: the size of the fish.This is because the vast majority of catfish we want to catch up with here 48 years old, between 6 and 22 inches.As long as our toes are not too light, any weight flying rod from 3 to 6 weights will effectively play and land on those catfish.

I don’t want to share the hard and fast rules, but my suggestions on any fishing person & mdash & mdash; said, 2 feet and below & mdash; are focusing on the above problems.We did not match the size of the pole with the catfish that we wanted to capture.We match lines with leaders with the type of fishing we expect.

In the final analysis, this is not so complicated.If we know the size of the flies, we will encounter fish, how heavy they are, what performance will we use, what will we use, how far we will apply, and what we can do.Leader of this job.Once we are clear, we can choose the pole & mdash; or Rods & MDash; this is the most meaningful for our time on the water.

Doing Good: Veterans find healing through fly fishing

Akenex’s Knwa/KFTA -Project Healing Waters is helping the body and emotional rehabilitation of disabled veterans, and can achieve this through very popular hobbies.

Air Force veteran Michael Swanner knew his fishing gear.He has done it from different flying fishing bait to a pole.He knows what fish likes.

"If you make a wrong thing in a wrong way, you will forget it. He said that they will still ignore the nose," he said.

Swanner shared all these insights with other veterans as the person in charge of the plan for the project for the treatment of water and fishing in the project.For non -profit organizations, tie flies do not have to maintain stable hands, but to keep their hands busy.

Swanner said: "The buildings of flying straps and rods are indeed beneficial to PTSD because you focus on what you are doing, not worry about anything else."

When the gear is ready, whether it is a day trip or a longer adventure, the veterinarian will take it out of the water.

Swanner said: "Overnight, we must get approval and approval in advance. We must get money in advance through donations."

Your donation helps the project rehabilitation area to apply a line for more veterinary doctors who need recovery.You can click here to donate.If you do this, Swanner said to ensure and designate donations in the northwest of Arkansan.