The Best Fly Fishing Gear for Backpacking

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One of the best ways to spend one night by the camping site by the lake was that there was a pole in his hand and threw a few ripples flying towards the water.This is a quiet way, a quiet time, a good way to immerse nature, and a better way to supplement another rich space food dinner.However, flying fishing has some gears dense: rods, flies, nets, wading and boots (if the water is too cold to enter) and so on.However, if your goal is to pack the equipment into remote areas or streams, then there are many light and hard fishing equipment that will not overwhelm you.These are our favorite.

If conditions permit, the best fishing method is barefoot and deep knees after a long day of walking.But in fact, only in the narrow season in a specific environment, this AU Naturel cast is possible.In the remaining time, like these waders, the wading from ORVIS will make you closer to your goal without overwhelming you on the way.The four -layer nylon fabric is burly, but the entire setting is only more than 2 pounds than football.The CROT and low -key seams of The foot make them walk in comfortably. The stolen goods are suitable for boots like gloves, and there is a pocket with a tool ring, the lace and flying patch on it.In addition, you can easily adjust the height of the wader, from the height of the chest to the waist height, so that they are comfortable in various temperatures and water depths.

Simms FlyWergeight

Due to the tall configuration and dehydration aesthetics, these lightweight wading boots of SimMS may be mistaken for hiking boots, but some of the most moist wet water -related boots on the market.The pair of pair of lightweight mesh upper weighs only 2 pounds, 12 ounces (with wear -resistant welding TPU covering the wear -resistant TPU overlapping layer to prevent them from falling off when rubbing on the grinding boulder) and falling down)Thin-super sticky-vibram idrogrip elastic outsole.Given that their light is very light, due to the high upper, the flight volume is surprisingly moving in the fast mountain stream (they are not short and dry hiking).They are a bit bulky and can be plugged into your backpack, but find a place to tie them outside, and you hardly notice that they are there.

Bata Vanian Hidden Workstation

We don’t like Patagonia’s iPad mini -stealth workbench, instead of carrying backpacks or hip packaging to fix all equipment. Its iPad iPad small stealth workstation is enough to accommodate a flying box, some tips and lines and other necessities.In remote areas, the demand for the thread shaft and a ton of accessories on the entire flies, the thread shaft and one ton of accessories (in any case, you may be restricted), so it is easier to plan what you bring with water.Waterproof bags have a large zipper pocket, two smaller zipper pockets, and several patch and circulation for fixed flies to connect other gears.In addition, the workstation also has a pair of buttons, which aims to connect it to the belt of the wader so that you can directly access the kit.

Tenkara sierra

Tenkara is a Japanese flying fishing style, using a foldable stack with no scroll.Instead, a small section line is directly tied to the end of the pole.Obviously, you will not cast like traditional flying rods, but lightweight, durable and simple systems are ideal choices for small mountain ponds and streams.Entering Sierra, this is a agile and flexible 10.5 foot rod.It is ready to use the longer 10.5 feet line, which makes it easier for you to keep the flies on the water by keeping the pole tip and high, so that the flies are more easily presented to the fish.The entire system is made of precisely casting: its weight is only 2.8 ounces, and it is filled with narrow 20 -inch long tubes, so that you can easily slide into the packaging of water bottle pockets.

Self -black water catfish net

The best network for flying fishing is the network you don’t spend a lot of money: I lost or left the Nets than I want to admit more, and even smashed one after putting down my backpack.But black water is not a compromise.The handle is durable (and the weight -the entire material is 11 ounces) polypropylene. The replaceable mesh is PVC.It has an easy -to -read measurement value along the bottom of the net, which simply evaluates the capture length without taking out it.Moreover, in the case of 26 inches, it can easily cycle the webbing on the backpack to the webbing.