Fall Trout Fishing Season to Open October 1

In 2022, the autumn catfish fishing season in Illinois will be opened in 59 ponds in the whole state on Saturday, October 15th.

Early opportunities to select catfish venues, that is, autumn fishing season, will be opened on October 1.Starting from October 15.

Local catfish fishing at Hengneping Park Avenue.In OGLE County, fishermen can go to the White Paensel Forest State Park and Paenkrik, a Centennial Park Park in Koloma Park Park.

U.S. military veterans experience Colorado fly fishing, emotional conversation at Knapp Ranch

The BUD KNApp of KnApp Ranch White Shirt Center is a veteran he recently held on his EdwardS work farm.Veterans are participants in the project rehabilitation waters. This is a national non -profit organization. They strive to serve us in the past and current members of the armed forces that serve the country.

Knapp Ranch issued the following press release on Thursday. The press release recently held a rehabilitation waters flying fishing activity:

Edwardz, Colorado -October 13, 2022 – Colorado Centennial, Rod Lyons, residents and Vietnamese veterans, joined the veterans. Recently, the extraordinary Nap Ranch hidden and left in the Rocky Mountains of the Rocky Mountains.Fishing.

Lyon said: "Visit the pasture and experience the dialogue of all of us is an honor and honor." "The hotel is beautiful, my fishing time is great. This time I will always be grateful, Bud KnApp’s senior member of Project Healing WatersThe extraordinary support. "

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a national non -profit organization that is committed to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of military service personnel and disabled veterans of the disabled through flying fishing and other outdoor activities. 

KnApp Ranch invited Project Heal Waters to fly fish in the 9,000 -foot private Nappe Lake in the West Lake Valley in Edwardz.Nine participants spent a beautiful autumn, successfully fishing, relaxing and sharing fishing skills.

In the leisure lunch on the Knapp Ranch Main Lodge deck, the challenges of the veterans experienced and continued to experience and how they continued to recover. 

During the infamous Khe Sahn campaign held by Lyon from December 26, 1967 to April 17, 1968, the U.S. Marine Corps K Company K on the 861st Hill 861 Mountain was affiliated to the US Marine Corps.Another Hospital of Company K reported to the siege of the siege, and Lyon himself was injured.

Lyonce said: "I was injured on my left shoulder and arm and awarded the purple cardiac medal." Lyonce said that he retired from the US Navy’s reserve and served as a large hospital in the chief hospital (E9), and received 28 years of service."My actual disability is a permanent heart disease for orange toxins used in Vietnam. I also have disability in PTSD and hearing loss."

Each participant has the experience of war to share, and faces challenges in war and afterwards.They described how to open their conversations, contact them outdoors and such a beautiful environment, continue to cure and find hope in nature. 

"I was moved by the Veterans of Nappe Ranch and heard their personal stories."The support of these veterans. It is indeed an honor to receive them. "

You must understand the Project Healing Waters Flight Fishing, INC.For more information and how to donate and volunteer opportunities, visit https://projecthealingwaters.org/get-involved/.

Tom Bennie was a 19 -year -old Vietnamese fighter pilot. He captured a fish in Knapp Ranch Lake, which was part of the daily visit.

Learn about fly fishing and spineless creatures at Buffalo Creek Watershed Festival

The public can learn about fishing, river bank restoration, macro environment and so on on Saturday’s Bafafeli Basin.

The free natural festival will hold a lot of information and hands -on demonstrations at the Audubon Society and Buffalo Creek Nature Park in the town of Buffalo.

"The reason for celebrating the activity is that Buffaloxi is one of the most diverse watershed in the state.And animals, "Audubon said.Director of S buffalo Creek Nature Park and Succop Nature Park.

Duken University will conduct electric fishing demonstrations.

Both children and adults will enjoy the "macro environmental table", which contains boneless creatures living along the Little Buffalo Creek along the Nature Park.

The unlimited arrow chapter of catfish will show tourists how to tie the artificial flies and flying fish.

Stan said: "When you protect a beautiful area, you will be happy."

The food trucks of this event will find more fun, including American cuisine, including puppies, pizza, pork, etc.

Local, Freeport’s 1833 coffee and tea sets will provide cold brewed and ice tea.

Local outdoor organizations will include Pennsylvania State University, the Bartler -Fred community trail, Amsterland County Reserve, and the Ministry of Forestry.

Officials from environmental groups will discuss the watershed, stream quality, and impact on the basin, including agricultural runoff, bank repair, how to install local plant buffer pollutants in the stream and how to enjoy the Bartler -Fredt community trails.

Audubon’s Buffalo Creek Natural Park is located at No. 154 Monroe Road in the town of Buffalo.Contact: 724-295-3589.