Celebrate New Mexico: San Juan River fly fishing

The country’s attractions are located in the northwestern part of New Mexico.>> I like everything to work outdoors.But I was holding a fishing rod in my hand, and I didn’t know what I was doing.Fortunately for me, we have a bunch of flying fishing wizards, Jack Maestas.Or fishing Jack.On the first day of a day, he only took a few minutes to roll up.We are on the San Juan River below Navajo.>> This may be the top 10 of the country without water.Located in the desert.>> You put Go Pro in the water and see catfish everywhere.They are also very big.The fish eats well here, there are many foods there.When you walk, they will come to you because you are kicking some food.They call it San Hu’an’s bulk, and when you fish, it is frown or considered cheating.Jack fishing says that people come from all over the world to fish these water.It leaves him here every day, guiding or fishing.>> This is the best office there.>> Jack was born and grew up in the Alberth.His love for Flying Fishing started on the PECOS River about 5 years ago.>> A older guy is fishing, he pulled one by one, which inspired me to start and get his own equipment.>> He mainly guides the novice and has confidence, even if I catch a fish by my side.>> Simple.You can do this.>> He grabbed a lot today.

AFFTA’s Industry Event is Renamed The AFFTA Confluence

Charleston, South Carolina -At the recent first AFFTA industry summit, has conducted many discussions on the future of the Flying Fishing Trade Fair.In the end, the decision made by the AFFA board is the overhaul of the annual industry trade party that changes the name to the name of the year to the name Affta convergenceEssenceThe decision received the overwhelming support of the industry leaders at the board of directors.

Voting is required to change the previous trade exhibition format.? Affta convergence It is planned to be opened for two days in Salt Palace and the third day of outdoor product demonstrations held in the nearby Liberty Park.Features will be industry speakers, peer seminars, dealers summit, industry party, music and new in 2023, and promoting conferences to the manufacturer’s dealers in order to increase the return on investment.The show will be opened on Tuesday, September 26, and ended on September 28th (Thursday) to maintain a low performance cost and allow retailers to return to the store on weekends.

The change of the show has been waiting for a long time.AFFTA Executive Director Lucas Bissett said: "Affta exhibition and summit committee and the board of directors have been working hard to make new iterations more meaningful and related to the industry." "We have heard members who want to see changes.. With our progress, there are more content about the performance. I am proud of the things created by the board of directors and committees through the integration of our trade and protection work. "

"Update from the inauguration Affta convergence In 2023, in Salt Lake City, the measures we can take will bring the guidelines, retailers and manufacturers together, engage in business, cooperate, and make positive changes for the earth. Of course, there are chat fishing."

"In the past few years, our industry exhibitions have changed our industry exhibition. Obviously, AFFTA members want to develop in a new direction in the past few years.We will continue to develop our activities to establish a more meaningful connection. I look forward to cooperating with our members to develop their industry trade activities. Affta convergenceEssence"

The American Flying Fishing Trading Association is the only trading organization representing manufacturers, retailers, guidelines, media and media and classmates.

Rangeley hosts both virtual and live Fly Fishing Film Festival

Rangeley -International Fry Fry Film Festival (Saturday) almost lived to Rangeley Lakes on August 6 (Saturday), including nine parts from all over the world around the world.Short films and long movies.These movies show the passion, lifestyle and culture of international flying fishing.

The event was hosted by the Rangeley Lakes History Society/Outdoor Heritage Museum and sponsored by Oxbow Bremery.

The live performance is at the Rangeley LakeSide Theater of the Main ST. 2493

The theater goalkeeper was open at 7 pm, and live broadcast and virtual performances started from 7:30 pm.The general tickets for live or virtual activities are $ 15 in advance and $ 20 on the day of the performance.Once logged in, the performance of visiting virtual movies will be awarded for 7 days.All income will be used for outdoor inheritance museums.

Tickets can be purchased at OQUOSSOC Outdoor Heritage Museum.

In addition to the movie, there will also be flying fishing products, draws and silent auctions.Bow beer, wine and snacks are available on the franchise.

A participant will be selected as a 2022 prize drawing. The award is composed of flying fishing equipment provided by the International Flying Fishing Film Festival sponsor and is worth thousands of dollars.

Among the movies to be shown:

? Cadis Magic.A movie that hopes that bugs will incubate and catfish will rise.

? Farquhar, fish fishing country.For more than a year, the fisherman community has visited Farquhar Ring Reef, one of the most remote outer islands in the central Indian Ocean for the first time.

?west.Brian O’Keefe cast a small mouth bass on Flyrod Poppers;

? Casting Mayan.Shengtianwan in Yucatan, Mexico, to find bone fish, allow, Snooker and Tappen;

? A season in the south.Remote river in different areas of New Zealand;

?flat.In 2021, the stimulatory fishermen chose the winner to explore the Pacific and Indian ocean salt water apartments in Australia; and

? Enter blue.Go to the salt in northern Queensland in northern Australia, wading and hovering.

Other movies include a flying fishing refugee, which is the story of Poland in the early 1980s of Poland. With the family waters, see the trophy catfish in British Columbia.

For information about this screening, please contact the host.For more information and movie trailers, please visit www.flyfilmfest.com

About IF4: The International Flying Fishing Film Festival was established in 2011. It is an inclusive and far -reaching flying fishing film event.IF4 is composed of short films and long films produced by professional film producers from all over the world, showing the enthusiasm, lifestyle and culture of fly fishing.These films have attracted the attention of fishing people around the world.