“Fly Fishing Discovers Women” and Promptly Asks them if They Actually Fish

"Flying fishing finds women" and quickly ask them if they really fish

  Flying fishing found women.

  This is the title of major newspapers reporting recently reporting women’s surge in flooding.Although I hate this title -since then, women have been fishing -I have been learned in the past few weeks, maybe it is appropriate, even ridiculous.

  I spent the last two weekends in the Flyfishing program of New Jersey and Atlanta, where I met dozens of industry leaders, guidelines and hotel owners, creativity and Rod Builders, Apparel Designers and Shop owners.On behalf of "Flying Fish Magazine", I have a good conversation with hundreds of great people in two programs-those who want to know the magazine, about where I fish, skiing in Baker, about Steelhead numbers, about Steelhead numbers.Methods in the Northwest Pacific, describing big fishing on the east coast and south.

  However, in all these positive interactions, some people feel a little frustrated, a bit frustrated, and a little weird -dialogue and interaction make me want to know whether Flyfishing really discovered women. I introduce some of the interactions in detail below. Some of these examples illustrate the effects that many women have been proposed by many women in the flying fishing industry for many years. Whether it is flying fishing activities, the World Expo, the Expo is still in the river. I also provide some suggestions for those who may tend to make similar bad conversations. These suggestions may reduce yield/weird:

  This is a repeated problem. In the end, it was troublesome that I stopped politely, because the innocent inquiries of men may not fully realize that women do fishing. In general, I was asked about 15 times when I was actually fishing in New Jersey (interesting, no one asked me about this question at Atlanta). There is no wrong position in this focus -every time I am provided by a dialogue, it will be accompanied by significant changes in "actually", which occurs 10 or 11 times, which makes me close to it.

  Suggestion: For those who are keen to insult you talk to you at the beginning of the conversation, I suggest you start with "Where do you want to fish?" This gives another person a chance to say, "I have always loved a certain river recently," or "Oh, I don’t fish." Although you may assume that one person might be behind the booth when you participate in a flying fishing program.

  This seems to be innocent, but implies a greater misunderstanding, but incredible misleading: some of the most qualified people in the industry in the Flying Fishing Exhibition, the company of the company, and the non-profit organization, and are non-profit organizations, and they are non-profit organizations. Many other characters as a guide and designer and a woman who work in any person-not only are interested, but also can work for a minimum wage clean paper on your hut. The man said that he asked 15 (his phone number, not my) other women, and was really surprised that no one was interested.

  Suggestion: Before talking to a woman or asking her a question (I know, terrible things), please consider whether you can ask a man on a flying fishing program. I very doubt that anyone at the running stalls this weekend was asked if they wanted to be the housekeeper of the hotel.

  Therefore, I was very excited about my comfortable new fisheries’ leg tie. At that time, a Playboy of Old Flower shared this seductive idea with me, which is an innocent dialogue on the performance (he is running another booth). When he even said, he even gave me a little, and at the same time he stood with me. ick.

  Suggestion: Just … don’t.

  There are several different weird. Not only did I ask me when I was sitting behind Flyfish Journal Journal Booth, and the one who asked him about the embarrassing child hinted that it was not that he wanted this kiss, but his adolescence. I said I am not really used to kissing a 12 -year -old child. He insulted me and said no, and thought his child was 12 years -he was 14 years old, come on. Then he said that he thought I was 17 years old, which was why he thought it was okay. In order to record, let me calculate this way: Teach your child to kiss to a random woman to kiss very cool and be insulted when they refuse; when they talk to your girlfriend, wife or daughter other than a woman, use The word "sweetheart"; tell me that when I was 26 years old, I looked like I was 17 years old, and it was very professional in this industry. Of course, I had to ask random women who tried to kiss.

  Suggestion: come to the booth to introduce yourself. Ask me about the magazine, maybe browse one and ask me what to do for them -I might ask you what you fishing recently and give your children a sticker. Like the man around me, the way to interact with me may show to your child that women are not only capable of kissing.

  Yes, someone had to let me sit on their legs, right? Just like your five -year -old grandpa, he wants to tell you a story, this is a clear laugch. Except for me 26 years old, this guy is definitely not my grandpa, he just wants to take pictures with me.

  Suggestion: Once again … just, don’t.

  In this common theme in this nature, I questioned whether to write this article, let alone publish it on the Internet. However, as long as the fishing industry (and the universe) women (and the universe) have been dealing with such things, as long as they are near, I think my experience will be related to half of the population and to the other half. The vast majority of men I talked to me on weekends are respecting my favorite river, wit and completely interested. I caught my first Steelhead last fall and my job I did for Flyfish Journal. Essence Then, a few people have the same ancient attitude towards women in this industry. Although in most cases, if you only invest in the IoTA of thought, then these conversations may be positive. Essence Even if some interactions in these interactions are considered harmless -maybe misleading but innocent, they are insulted and blatantly, and eventually intend to welcome us to "discover" women’s industry recently.

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  Amanda Montee was originally from northern Michigan. Now her summer smells like smoke when fighting the fire in Edaho. Her winter tries to figure out how to capture winter steel in Washington. When she is not standing in the river or ashes, she will always contribute to the Flying Fish Daily and "Ski Magazine", and often finds that I try to learn Cripple Creek on Banzhuo.