From Littleton to Nairobi, Ascent Fly Fishing Spans the Globe

Since 2013, Peter Stitcher, the owner of Ascent Fly Fishing, has been flying out of his Littaton garage, but don’t let his company humble excavators confused for small -scale operations.The trained water biologists have established an international supply chain to provide flies for fishermen around the world.

In the first part of his career, Stitcher helped the land owner to build a private trophy catfish fishery.He uses this experience-the species and sub-species of catfish in North America, Batayonia and New Zealand catfish from the samples and data from fish and game institutions and other researchers.The three most popular flying fishing areas and Shiqi tailored his flight area.

With this database, Stitcher can identify which rising inventory of 600,000 flight patterns can best match any water channel errors in these areas.He said: "I may not have a sample in a specific tributary, but based on the insects similar to altitude in the large stream nearby, I can also infer those bugs that will exist."

Flys are usually made of feathers and fur.Ascent purchased the former from Delta’s White Farms. The feather of his chicken was precious by the flies because of the color and texture of its feathers, while its elk’s hair came from the cow cluster in the southern park area of Colorado.

Like the flying layer of many competitors, the 55 full staff of Ascent live in Nairobi, Kenya.("No matter where the British go, they bring fishing," Stitcher said.) The company not only provides medical care for their flies, and the micro -group of living wages and interesting, but also has 6 % of Ascent profits.Stitcher said: "We are the housekeeper of this [hobby]. We share with us so that their children can go to college and get medical care."

You can buy flies online alone, or you can make an appointment from Stitcher’s garage.The fishingman can also let Stitcher and his team put all the data into work and build a customized flying box, not only for specific seasons and river or rivers., Style, price range.He said: "If you bring one of my flying box out of a fishing guide, I hope the guide will give you a tip at the end of the day because they have learned a lot."

New fly fishing program for youth anglers

Toby KOEKKOEK is a community journalist and the latest resident of Teton Valley.He likes to write articles about community activities in our region and moving shakes that constitute this unique mountain culture.He likes dark powder and deep thoughts, skateboarding, playing rackets, riding bicycles and wandering on music.Toby also coach Jackson Hole Ski Club’s free ski resort and operate skate camps in summer.

ASA to increase fly fishing focus at ICAST 2023

The American Sports Fishing Association announced a plan this week, which is planned to be held in Orando from July 11th to 14th, 2023 at the next international Allied Fishing Industry Conference.

"In ASA, our goal is to represent the entire leisure fishing community, and Flying Fishing plays a key role in attracting specific fishermen," ASA announced the announcement of the new development project."Most of the problems related to the acquisition, clean water and rich fisheries overlap the conventional fisheries and flies related to ASA. These sounds provide a strong voice. The sound is voiced by the government, Capitol Mountain, and all over the country."

This is real.ASA is a powerful hall in Washington, DC, and it does have important political influence.But in general, it has always been the representative of the traditional fishing industry; the fly fishing industry has always watched the annual iCast exhibition outside.

However, as the public fished more on ICAST in 2023, ASA seemed to be really interested in attracting fishing gear manufacturers and other industries.Even if ASA and AFFTA worked together for several years before 2019, this is not the case.It is separated from the rest of the ICAST exhibition, and the two parts of the industry usually have no spouse during the exhibition.

In the press release earlier this week, ASA asserted that it will be fishing as an annual conference in the "main category", and has its own new product display cabinet and its own new product reward.In addition, "Flying Pond will be located at 2023 Convention & MDASH & MDASH; Pond’s" border "between the fly fishing part of the labeled performance and the traditional gear part. The ASA’s trade exhibition and vice president of member Blake Swango are considered to be the" ICAST """Main real estate", and hopes that it will encourage flies and equipment personnel to mix more.

The obvious move to promote ASA & RSquo’s interest in fly fishing may be explained as the "hitting" of the American Flying Fishing Trading Association. Since 2019, the association has hosted its own trade exhibition twice.International Flying Flight Dealer Conference & MDASH; Except icast.In 1920 and 2021, COVID-19’s popularity squeezed IFTD, but the flying fishing industry gathered in Denver in 2019, and gathered again in Salt Lake City in March 2022, with some soft back market.

However, according to Swango, the intention of the announcement is not hostile to AFFTA.

SWANGO said in the telephone interview: "I have a conversation with our board and employees for several years." "The purpose is to be asleep as much as possible and provide opportunities for fishing manufacturers to enter thousands of dealers and inImportant media existence. "Indeed, ICAST attract hundreds of representatives from sports fishing media to Orlando every summer.

In other words, before the news was announced, no communication with AFFTA was communicated in advance.

Is there any award?Swango said, of course, this is a motivation to motivate fishing brands to participate in the annual ICAST exhibition.In the past, the expo included limited flying fishing manufacturer awards, such as "Best New Flying Ring" or "Best New Flight Wheel".But the performance in 2023 will be rewarded with a large specific gear.The award category includes:

  • Fly fishing stick
  • Flying fishing scroll
  • Flying fishing and wading and wading boots
  • Flying fishing line, leader, tip and line accessories
  • Flying fishing bag, luggage and luggage
  • Flying fishing technology clothing and accessories

Swango said: "We want to expand the focus." "This will give flying fishing manufacturers the opportunity to improve their personal information. We see a few flying fishing brands that have promised to participate in 2023 iCast."

Swango pointed out that Cortland, Simms and NRS are committed to iCast in 2023 and stand out on his head. Several "cross -border" brands will also participate in Orlando.

Regardless of the ASA announcement, AFFTA plans to hold the conference in 2023.Lucas Bissett, an executive director of Affta & RSquo, said the Flying Fishing Industry Trade Fair is planned to be held in Salt Lake City in late September.The exact date has been determined, but the show will be held between September 25th and September 29th.

Bissett refused to comment on ASA & RSQUO’s seemingly purposeful distance, but pointed out that the existence of ICAST’s fly fishing industry is not new.Many flying fishing manufacturers participate in the ASA program every year, and he does not want to change.

However, he said that when next fall, some changes will happen.

He said: "We are studying some new concepts." "I spent some time talking to people in the industry. We will have those traditional trade table components, but there will be some new content."

According to Bissett, the popularity has changed everything and threw the traditional IFTD model into his ears.

He said, "This forces us to view other choices and become more creative and flexible." Bissert said why AFFTA was held in Charleston, South Carolina, October 16th to 19th, 2022 to Charleston, South Carol.Comprehensive "Industry Summit".It was once a "dealer summit", mainly concentrated on retailers and dealers. Now it is open to manufacturers, retailers, dealers, guidelines and Outfitters & Hellip.Everyone participating in the flight space.

"AFFTA is still the channel of the industry gathered together and talked about" big pictures ". Fishing," Bissert said."We still have a lot to talk about. Our members are still dealing with the supply chain problem that is still hovering in COVID. We still need to solve the trade opportunities, tariffs and other issues that affect fly fishing."

Moreover, Bissete said that even if he had to deal with big popularity, Affita was in a good position.

He said: "We are very good." "From a financial perspective, we have a better weathering COVID than most industry organizations, and we" fulfill the front of cash. "We have the ability to flexibly & mdash;The exhibition is related to make money. "

Instead, according to Bissett, AFFTA is guiding its resources to help their members develop better business tools.In the next few months, it will need a "census", which will collect anonymous data and use it to help the fishing industry meet its needs in the universal popular landscape.

Moreover, he said that all of this began in the industry summit held next month in Charleston. He hoped that the participants would not only participate in advanced training and business seminars in a more relaxed "no competition" atmosphere, but also allowed"Allow" we know how they want to develop the industry."

It seems wise to cut off the "trade exhibition" to ASA and iCast, but Bissett pointed out that summer is not an ideal time for the fishing industry to gather.For most flying fishing retailers in North America, the goal is to gather manufacturers, dealers and retailers to carry out business.

Therefore, IFTD SHOW & MDash; in one or another (Bissett) even hinted that the annual conference may not bear the IFTD nickname) & mdash; after the peak of the fishing season, it will occur in September 2023.Essence

And, as mentioned earlier, it does not look like traditional conventions.Bissett seems to be a concept, that is, smaller settings (IFTD, compared to iCast, of course) make industry representatives easier to "make more meaningful dialogue" on the craftsmanship and business of craftsmanship.

He said that it takes some time and will have some evolution.But motivation & MDASH; from manufacturers to retailers, integrate all aspects of the flight and fishing industry.

He said: "It may seem different, but there will be some recognizable parts."

Bestete said that the fly fishing industry has a unique voice.The industry needs its own activities because we do have different mentality and hell.A different spirit."

And he is one thing.Regardless of the industry’s status, IFTD programs do not seem to disappear.It just comes back.As Bissett’s proposal, the industry recognizes that IFTD in one or another.

"In the past," Bissett, he has already worked for about a year. Have Performance.In 2023, we think Performance."

Fall Trout Fishing Season to Open October 1

In 2022, the autumn catfish fishing season in Illinois will be opened in 59 ponds in the whole state on Saturday, October 15th.

Early opportunities to select catfish venues, that is, autumn fishing season, will be opened on October 1.Starting from October 15.

Local catfish fishing at Hengneping Park Avenue.In OGLE County, fishermen can go to the White Paensel Forest State Park and Paenkrik, a Centennial Park Park in Koloma Park Park.

Celebrate New Mexico: San Juan River fly fishing

The country’s attractions are located in the northwestern part of New Mexico.>> I like everything to work outdoors.But I was holding a fishing rod in my hand, and I didn’t know what I was doing.Fortunately for me, we have a bunch of flying fishing wizards, Jack Maestas.Or fishing Jack.On the first day of a day, he only took a few minutes to roll up.We are on the San Juan River below Navajo.>> This may be the top 10 of the country without water.Located in the desert.>> You put Go Pro in the water and see catfish everywhere.They are also very big.The fish eats well here, there are many foods there.When you walk, they will come to you because you are kicking some food.They call it San Hu’an’s bulk, and when you fish, it is frown or considered cheating.Jack fishing says that people come from all over the world to fish these water.It leaves him here every day, guiding or fishing.>> This is the best office there.>> Jack was born and grew up in the Alberth.His love for Flying Fishing started on the PECOS River about 5 years ago.>> A older guy is fishing, he pulled one by one, which inspired me to start and get his own equipment.>> He mainly guides the novice and has confidence, even if I catch a fish by my side.>> Simple.You can do this.>> He grabbed a lot today.

OPINION | ARKANSAS SPORTSMAN: Trout fishing in Colorado nothing like Arkansas

In 1981, my friend Rich Long and I fell into the deep canyon of the Rio Grande River near Questa, New Jersey.

Lang (Long) is a central graduate of Xiaoshi City in 1982 and lives in western Maryland.Every spring, we once visited northern New Mexico, QUESTA and TAOS.The catfish water flows through that canyon.I am determined to return it and fishing, and some beaver ponds on the mountain, but I have never done it.

However, last week, I fishing with Greg Graham, a Greg Graham near the Lake Castle City.

Arkansas have huge catfish fishing in some large reservoirs, but except for the free flowing streams in the West, these waters are a universe.The distinctive landscape makes the water given life more precious.The catfish is wild, and the country has no inventory Graham and me fishing.

Water temperature is also obvious.Arkansas’ catfish seems to need water within 50 degrees.

The water in Colorado is very warm and can wear shorts.The catfish looks very comfortable, but by August, the warm weather is under great pressure.

A fanatic fisherman Graham said: "When the water becomes warm and low, the state requires fishingmen not to fish to avoid excessive stress fish."

The foundation in Arkansas is dangerous.In southern Colorado, this is the most unstable landscape I have ever seen.Each rock on the stream bed is loose.Every half a step is threatened to spread you.They are smooth in a way that is not suitable for soles.

You do need a wading employee to wading in these waters.I have always refused to use employees, but Colorado persuaded me.I bought a foldable employee in Dan’s Fly Shop in Lake Colorades.

Sportsman Fly Shop is another flight shop in Hucheng.Graham has a hat of two, but he avoided the town.In such a small community, wearing the wrong hat in the wrong store will not do it.In the town, he wore a hat with R.L. Winston Fly Rods and a logo.

Foldable water -related personnel are wise choices.It is very thick, strong, with sharp tip.It also has all the hardware needed to connect it to the flying vest.

I regret that I bought a new pair of FROGG TOGGs wading socks.Once out of the outing, a seam of a sock was broken.I was a little disappointed with Korkers’s wading boots.I have only been one year, but the upper toe has begun to get rid of the soles.Such expensive boots should not happen.

If it fails, I bought a pair of chota wading boots, and DAN was sold during the customs clearance.

I can’t say a good thing for REilly’s Rod Crafter’s 4 weight Kildare Fly Rod.Match with Sage 2230 scroll, which is very suitable for anywhere of catfish and bass 48.

After an excellent fishing journey on Sunday, Graham’s blind storm made the mountain noticed.A dark cloud released rain and rain, turning to the size of hail.Fortunately, the hail was wet enough to splash on the windshield, and no Graham fixed Ford Bronco in 1972.

The hail has accumulated 2-3 inches on the road and its shoulders.We walked around and met the first one of the five mudslides.

The slope of the mountain is about 75 degrees and ends on the shoulder.Imagine that a considerable part of the mountainside drops straight on your vehicle. This is a mud mud river that covers a thick layer of hail.

Fortunately, Graham’s wild horses are large enough, strong enough to cultivate soil.We are one of the last people to spend.The highway was closed for about five hours.Highway staff remained muddy on Tuesday.

La deer is everywhere in Lake City.Bucks are now in velvet.A 4X4 Bark’s wandering town looks huge.

I have always wanted a Mzo deer, but it is expensive to hunt Mule deer.While fishing with Graham on Sunday, I monitored a bone on the river bank.It was a young ULE deer with 2X2.Graham calls it a prefabricated European Mountain.

I took it away and set out another project from my last wish list.

Trout Fishing in America heads to historic Cash home Saturday

Music partners Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet have been fishing in American catfish in the past 40 years.The folk rock band often draws inspiration from the home of the Ozak Mountains, and integrates its rich voices with guitar, Bass, bass, and violin.Their voice is reminiscent of the best summer classic rock jam, but everyone has a music style -from optimistic Boogies to slow deep rhythm and attractive Bruce impromptu performance.American catfish fishing is a highly award -winning group and four Grammy nominations.Therefore, cutting a simple afternoon for yourself, and then heading to a long -established website, listening to the new 2022 album and the best songs of older works.

What is fly fishing and fly tying and what are its benefits?

Aniya Faulcon is a smart conversation host/producer of Witf.She is keen to clarify the unique figures, experience and views in the community.

Previously, she had served as a reporter and social trend reporter/video anchor | LNPNEWS.During her time, she created a video package, provided real -time reports of Facebook in community activities, and in Lancaster’s local leaders, non -profit organizations, activities, and people with unique talents and experiences performedPopulation census data and special reports, and provide special reports on local leaders, non -profit organizations, and activities.county.

Aniya has also served as a sales assistant in WMAR ABC 2 News, and is an executive assistant and media correspondent on the US American newspaper.Aniya internship at Weaa Gospel Grace 88.9 and at her alma mater, Point Park University’s WWPJ work, where she gained skills and enthusiasm for broadcasting.

Aniya grew up in Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland, and went to the High School of the Balt Momo Academy of Art.She continued to hone her skills and the enthusiasm of the storytelling story. Later, she graduated from Point Park University in 2018 and received a bachelor’s degree in art from performance and radio reports.Aniya is eager to continue her story in the role of Witf, because her goal is to clarify the real figures and real stories in Pennsylvania in various media.

Writing On The Fly: Great Fly Fishing In Mount Washington Valley

Because the river is fast, I suggest that Jim uses the beads to make it to reach the bottom of the fish.Jim added that he and his son performed well last week.Jim (Jim) went to a bank with a falling tree in the water.A few minutes later, Jim grabbed a beautiful brown and stream.

I fishing in a nearby area, my retrieval was too fast, and missed another area.The sun is coming, hitting nearly 90 degrees, and then happening.The "tube cabin" began to fall on the water.Jim and I looked at each other and decided to hit the Elis River.There may be swimmers, but there are no music and no stems.

We drove north along Ellis and stopped in several places.I switched to the light -colored ORVIS 3 weight super elves, put on the size 18 beads Caddis, and found two beautiful wild stream catfish in a small swimming pool.We checked some other attractions and decided to return to the place where I left the truck.

I never kept surprised by the beauty of Bai Mountain.Many rivers are the main habitats of catfish. In the valley (even if it is not northeast), wild streams have the most popular prizes in the valley.Therefore, when the fishing people in the northern rural areas stop, get free fishing maps, and enjoy the fishing Bei Kangwei and Washington Valley.

GDover’s Eorge Liset is an award -winning outdoor writer and fanather. He shared him on the water to explore the streams and rivers of the New Hampshire on the water and the river and New England.The insights of the river.George graduated from Weton College of Illinois and New Hampshire University. The column of New England News Association and New Hampshire News Association has been awarded.

Maine Fly Company: Small Batch Fly Rods and the Love of Fishing

As early as 2018, Jeff Davis, the founder and CEO of MAINE FLY Company (MAINE FLY Company), was the idea of implanting a small batch of flight rods to keep the fly fish fishing heritage of fish fishing.The key to his motherland.All of us care about the sustainability of the woods, fields, and especially our waterway, which is the first method to enhance the future of the next generation.Davis’s love for fishing shows that the handmade production of fly fishing equipment can create miracles when supporting what we do and where we do.

Whether you carefully observe the custom rod or one of the iconic small batch of the batch, you will quickly understand that this outdoor fishing supplier is a special company.You can find them online, but visit Yarmouth in Maine, and the position of Maine is the best way to find this unique organization to help further fishing information.

The town of Yaomers, Maine is located in the famous Casco Gulf, the Atlantic Coast between Portland and Bhun Rick Street.The coastline here is famous for its beauty. This is due to the amazing islands, entrances and Cays, but the river system that spreads throughout the area brings some of the best fishing opportunities in the United States.Not only that, in a very easy place, the inland salmon and catfish lake in Sebago Lake.It also has excellent small bass fisheries.But the rivers all over the town are where everything begins.

The Royal River is not the most powerful river in Maine, but it is famous for its catfish embellishment of the river bank and swimming in the waters.It arrived from the source of SabbathDay Lake to the ocean of Yarmouth, the hometown of Benin Flying, about 26 miles.

The company’s origin comes from Davis’s late father and his enthusiasm for fishing.According to the company’s website:

Part of the Minson Flies is to celebrate my late father’s enthusiasm for fishing and Maine.It is the heritage of the Minson Flying Fishing that keeps my father’s spiritual energy. I hope to pass to my three sons and future descendants of the future.In his name, we celebrate the sport of fly fishing, praise the exquisite craftsmanship, and continue to work in the sustainability of the lakes and streams in Maine.

The main goal of Minson Flying Corporation even surpassed the excellent flying rods in production and sales, which inspired and supported "inter -love of fishing for all family members."This is a simple way to ensure your priority.

According to your own specifications, the cost of owning your own flying rod may quickly exceed the budget of many fishermen.In fact, some people can turn your eyes because they are so expensive.But the Benin flight company has lowered at $ 379.It can rise from there, but this is a very impressive starting point.The best part is that they will personally guide you to complete the entire process and show all possible combinations.To a large extent, it depends on the species and sizes you want to target. The place you want to fish and your personal style and size.This idea is to create a pole that is definitely the best tool for your work, and the flies in Maine do do well.

As the company said, each custom rod is equipped with the signature rod tube of the Maine Flying Company for protection, which is a guarantee method to obtain a "unique rod like you".

The small batch rod is also a large lottery. Each pole is named after the northeast waterway, which is an ideal choice for various styles and species.Some are very popular, so that the extended version and more production are obtained, while others are real "small batches" rod, which can only be used before disappearing.The price of the price from Most Battle of Maine Flight Company is as low as $ 300 to 400.

Stores and online websites provide ROSS and cheeky scrolls (some pre -loads), flight lines, leaders and toes, to support all flying corner needs of fishermen, as well as Niper, pliers, small bags and truly cool public business wallets.Of course, you will find flies, but you can also play boxes, pockets, rods, sunglasses, books and stickers.They even sell hats, hoodes, T -shirts and gift cards like most good flying shops.

As you expected, people using Maine’s equipment found that this flying fishing company is fulfilling their promises, which makes them very satisfied.Online comments are always positive, and they have strong social media attention.It is not surprising that their names are increasingly appearing in the fishing circle across the country.In fact, CAST & Carve mentioned them

Aware that new equipment companies are part of what we like to do, especially when we see the brand named ourselves in a positive way.This is the case in Maine Flying Company. This is a group of generations of fishing fishermen made things for other fishermen.It is not better than this.

Please check the book "Hunter’s Road" in Harpercollins.Make sure to follow my webpage or Facebook and YouTube.

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