‘It’s about the community’: Meet West Linn’s fly fishing expert

Guide Jennifer La Follette has become the core of the fly fishing scene of West Linn.

PMG photo: Jonathan House-Flying Fishing Guide Jennifer La Follette entered the Willamette River from Willamette Park in Silinn.

She has no power.

Flying fishing experts are playing with her favorite toys.Today, in Wist Linn’s Willamette Park, the Tualatin River adds Willamette there. The toy is a 12 -foot -high bamboo flying rod with a tip of graphite.Jennifer La Follette waited for three years of handmade, $ 3,000.

She guided the flies in the air, elegantly formed the shape of D, and suspended the intermediate sentence to acknowledge a great actor.PMG photo: Jonathan House -La Follette prepared her bamboo rod in order to fly on Willamette.

La Furitt said: "Flying fishing is not the difficulty you can apply." "This is the difficulty you can stop the loading line on the pole … Everything is combined like a perfect golf swing."

La Follette is a resident of West Linn for more than two years, and is the real master of the handicraft.She is a clothing and fly fishing guide licensed by Oregon, a private flying coach, Spey-O-Rama’s three competitors (a flying fishing competition), and the world-renowned Hardy flying disk expert.In June, she and her husband, Joel La Follette, were just a few American fishing experts.) Duke of nortHumberland’s Castle.

She grew up in Ventura, California, but learned to fish all over the United States during her youth.She and her parents Steve and Nita Swop were piled into RVs and set off for a few months at a time.Steve fishing, but did not use a flying rod.Nita’s brother -in -law Larry Henderson has one, but I don’t know how to use it.He noticed his niece’s outdoor mentality, and he gave the pole to La Follette, and caused a passion for life.

She will grasp the equipment and try it when there is a chance.In the end, she learned how to use complex devices.

She said, "I am definitely a false boy." "(Flying fishing) caused people’s interest and developed into the enthusiasm for old things. These things are the history of people I contacted, which just let me start asking questions."PMG photo: Jonathan House-La Follette with a pair of special pliers, cut the inverted hook from the flies.

Large animal veterinary services and human emergency medicine have paid more than 14 years.In Southern California, she worked at the veterinary clinic at the age of 18 and worked in an ambulance.When La Follette decided between veterinary schools or medical colleges, one of her veterinarian tutors Dr. Larry Dresher, he lives in Pingovir and encourages her to follow her flies to fish passion.

The lights go out. PMG photo: Jonathan House-Over the years, tour guide Jennifer La Follette traveled across the country to find the best flying fishing spots.

Tired of the school and remembering the wise words of Dad -"If you do what you like, your life will almost not have so many days" -Hu she continues to strengthen her schedule in a way to allow more time on the river.

In 2008, La Follette listed the nine -year -old RV exploration of the United States -chasing warm weather and fishing.Four years ago, she moved to the gift, and then settled in West Linn.She has become a lighthouse for knowledge in the new community.When people have doubts, they go to La Follette.

Except for her private courses (La Follette from seven to 84), she taught 438 people-she volunteered to participate in recovery, the project rehabilitation waters and Mayfly Project, and helped Joel Run Royal Treath Fly Fly Shop himI have been operating for 12 years.

"I can walk in the urban area (hear), ‘Oh, Jenn’ and let people text messages, ‘I caught this fish’ or called, ‘You can come to the flying shop for help, this is really special.Do I buy that pole for my son? ‘"She said."These are the things you don’t really go on the road."

She added: "This is about the community. I can’t emphasize this."

To be sure, she still finds enough time for herself.Except for December and January, La Follette represents about 10 hours a week -sometimes fishing with Joel, while others fish with one or two friends.Sometimes she hit the water early in the morning.The afternoon meeting with Scotch whiskey is equally pleasant.

La Follette has extensively fishing outside the United States. From many aspects, these international travel provides her foundation for her strong beliefs on the strong belief of the community with the root cause of the community.

She said, "The scene of fishing makes you contact." "It returned, ‘Oh, can you fish? I can’t speak your language, but here, let’s trade to fly’, ”Same."

There are two myths about the myth of the motion of flying fishing about La Follette: this sport cannot be accessed and it is difficult.

There is more gears that need to be more exercise than flying fishing, but La Frytt said that beginners can get out of the full set of equipment at a price of $ 300.You don’t need to destroy the bank until you want it.She is no different.She wore a pair of GORE TEX waders of $ 800, but most of the twins were hung within $ 200.

She insisted on the motto. If she couldn’t or not use it, she would not buy or retain it.

La Follette has dozens of shots.She lost the number.However, she closed her eyes, and she said that she could be separated according to their feelings and movements, bent when she applied pressure.

She also has more than 100 flies -some specially used for warm weather, and some for cold.Some are traditional fishing hooks, while others are made like specific small animals to attract certain types of fish.In most cases, she will avoid unnecessary pain and potentially captured naked tears.

La Follette’s light green modern Memory trunk holding a secret memo of the seemingly hopeless equipment is the craftsmanship of this sport and her enthusiastic display of it.She said that choosing the right equipment before moving forward was like choosing shoes that day.

On the morning of the last working day, the La Follette line danced on the water surface of Willamette Park.This may not be her favorite place-that is the hooligan river in the donation permit, or the middle bite of the Bazhamas in the Bazhama-but due to the bank and easy to access the bank, she spent a few hours to teach private courses here.Essence

She said, "Flying fishing is an excuse, what can I see in a beautiful place … What did the creator bring you on the same day-in such a chaotic world, we need this re-balance." "Sometimes we go home home home."I just go, ‘I need to go fishing. I don’t care if we encounter anything.’ "PMG photo: Jonathan House -la Follette to the river and fishing on Willamette briefly.

A student of La Follette is a 12 -year -old boy named Jasper.That year, he had been suffering from lung cancer for eight years.

A few months ago, Jasper on the wheelchair entered the store to find flies materials.La Follette said that he was shy and had almost no speech.

Now she gave him a free course.The two sat on the camping chair, cast together, and his elbows were placed on the arms of the chair.

She said, "His father said, the moment he got on the car would not stop talking." "He went home (he) watched the video. He had a new enthusiasm for life."

La Follettes in Los Angeles made him the first young ambassador for the history of the royal treatment.Their thought is that people have been giving him free.They want to give him a responsibility.

The late fly fishing expert Lefty Kreh said: "When you create a flying fisherman, you will create a protector."

"Suddenly, people are more aware of their environment." "They realize water. They know healthy fisheries. They want to remove dams. They want to clean water. They want us to be in the environment.The love thing is protected by future generations. "

She showed the snake roll casting -a tricky move -and then made her flies sink into the water slightly.

The best depth of fishing is where the habitat is located.It is also very inconvenient near the bottom of the river. Many beginners often catch branches, rocks, or debris, thinking that they have caught a fish.

"Oh," she shouted."Do you see the curve on the pole?"

The new side of La Follette has appeared.She is full of young miracles.

Slowly, she pulled up her six -inch pot fish.She has never captured this species here.The fish is cleverly tilted in the palm of my hand so that her ILL completely falls off from the water. She let the sun dance from blue, green and yellow scales. PMG photo: Jonathan House-Flying Fishing Guide Jennifer La Follette has a colorful Panfish, she captured in Willamette River.

She said, "You can see the children in me come out."

La Follette will remind you that flying fishing is not really about fish.This is about the community. The most important thing is that this is an excuse for escaping outdoor activities.

But there is nothing to capture.

PMG photo: Jonathan House-Flying Fishing Guide Jennifer La Follette entered the Willamette River from Willamette Park in Silinn.