Famed Fishing Company Simms Bought For $192.5 Million

On July 27, Vista Outdoor’s notice was reported that it purchased Simms Fishing Products at a price of $ 192.5 million, which is the main force of fishing clothes.

Vista is a $ 3 billion parent company with dozens of outdoor companies, including Remington ammunition, Bushnell, CamelBack, and more high -end outdoor companies.

Simms-Vista transactions should be completed in the 2023 fiscal year.

Chris Metz, the CEO of Vista Outz, said in the press release: "SIMMS is very suitable for our diversified lead, the investment portfolio of iconic outdoor brands."Our core addressable market has expanded to a very attractive fishing category and has a lot of room for growth. "

Simms -four corners of Bozeman, headquarters in Montana, are one of the most famous fishing, clothing, fishing vests, shoes, travel bags and other brands in the world.

Simms started in 1980 and was purchased by K.C..Walsh was in 1993.He expanded the company, developed it into a $ 100 million company, and was widely known worldwide.

In the past few years, even during the economic deadlock during COVID-19-19, SIMMS sales have also increased by 15 %.SIMMS’s expected 2022 revenue is $ 110 million.

Walsh said: "We are glad to join the Vista outdoor brand family." "It is difficult to imagine Simms better partners. Vista Outdoor is committed to helping to obtain growth capital and its supply chain and excellent digital centers through operating professional knowledge to helpWe establish a continuous motivation. "

170 Simms’ employees in Bozeman will continue, and the company’s core management team will continue to exist.Walsh will continue to be the company’s strategic consultant, protection and government affairs.

Walsh said that the center of the outdoor and catfish country located in Greater Bozmann is an important part of Sims’s success.

He told the Bozmann Chronicle: "Over the years, the world -class rivers, broad open space and so many professional guidelines have provided information for our product leaders and helped us attract our sports fishing business.With talented employees. "

Vista’s new outdoor product company will also be established in Bozeman, Simms is now part of the parent company.

Walsh said: "Decide to find the headquarters of the upcoming outdoor product department in Bozeman, making our decision easier, because this will strengthen Simms Montana’s MontanaHeritage and firm commitments to our local community. "" We also consistent with the Vista Outdoor Foundation’s commitment to protect fish and wild animals and plants and their cooperation in veterans groups.

"Joining Vista Outdoor is the exciting new era of Simms. For our 170 Bozeman employees and thousands of Simms retailers around the world, it is very positive."

Vista’s Metz was excited about the outdoor product department of the Simms Company purchased and opened Bozeman.

He said: "We share this enthusiasm to protect us where hunting, fishing, hiking and reconstruction, we look forward to applying this common morality to global land and waters."