Review: Orvis Superfine Glass fly rod

As ORVIS has worked hard to re -consider and re -invent many ROD series, in recent years, from its award -winning Helios 3 (H3) series, it started & ndash; I would like to know what they deal with glass fiber products.Some of me even want to know if ORVIS will choose to put the glass rod in their lineup.However, with its latest version of the latest version of the glass fiber stick series products, ORVIS clearly states that it intends to maintain its commitment to provide the providing glass fiber options for fishermen.

In the 2022 international flying dealer’s performance in Yanhu City, I finally got the latest iteration of Orvis & RSquo; Superfine Glass Fly Rod series.It is completely different from its predecessor. I think it makes it a better tool for flies fishingmen.In a broad sense, the super glass rod in 2022 is more common than the last ORVIS glass rod.

What is effective

Modern/Retro Design
ORVIS uses the new Superfine glass rod to make some interesting design choices, which makes it a very unique product.In order to remain consistent with the theme of "stickers" started on H3, Superfine Glass has an olive green sticker above the cork.The color of the sticker is the same as the glass fiber of the old super glass stick, and can also maintain the same cursive script.The nodes of the retro design are cleverly fused into the modern dark gray blank, and the anode aluminum oxide roller seat and the cross -section are facing the point.

Orvis people also chose the retro stripping guide.Its diameter is smaller than most of the peeling ducts on the graphite rods made of hard chromium.It is a small but famous design choice that will only make the entire pole popular.I personally like ORVIS to choose to retain blank gray instead of any colors of dozens of colors provided by other glass rod manufacturers.

Improve to reversing stability
The biggest change between the old and new super glass models is the use of S-2 glass fibers in the 2022 edition.One of the most legal knocks on the glass rod is that they generally lack the stability of twisting (how much movement of the rod during the flying disk).S-2 glass is much more stable than previously used glass fiber orvis, which greatly improves the accuracy of the pole.

I noticed that when using ultra -fine glass, the accurate distance of my actor table was very different.My comment model is 7 & rsquo; 6 inches and 3 weights, I fish very comfortably, only a dry flight to 45 feet.Although the accuracy almost depends on the skills of the fishermen, some rods are more accurate than other rods.Ultra -fine glass is an inherent precision rod, especially for glass fiber.

Smooth casting
The direct result of the S-2 glass is the direct result of the casting.Sometimes, especially at a lighter weight, the glass rod has a "whip" action.Superfine glass is one of the smoother glass rods that once used, which is much better than the old model.As you expect, casting is very slow and organized at all distances.

As I was fishing pockets, the super glass rod handle cast a short distance, leaving me a deep impression.The tip of the tip is stable enough to apply a flying line, and it is mainly the leader, and has the accuracy that can be passed.But this pole does sing at a speed of 20-35 feet, providing a very slow and retro casting rhythm.

Perfect Tips
I mentioned this above, but the tip part of the ultra -fine glass built the rest of the rod perfectly.The tip is soft, as you expect, the glass helps to create a soft and soft demonstration.This is also very helpful when fighting a big fish, because the tip of the pole absorbs most of the impact, which means that you are unlikely to lose big fish on the light.

However, the tip is not so soft, so that fishing is useless when urgent.In essence, glass can be cast well, because the weight and movements of glass fibers can form a cycle with leaders and tips.If you spend a lot of time on small water & mdash; just like many glass fishermen do & mdash; you will thank you how to use super glass to abandon the tip.

What does not work

No hook
I still don’t understand the disgust of their aversion to their flying rods to do all the wonderful things they do.At least let customers choose to be linked.

This is a minor problem for me, but I think it is worth noting.Even in the 3 weight model I used, the cork grip is a bit bulky.I hope to see the orvis slim cork plug and scroll seats slightly reduced weight and improve the feeling of the rod.

The last sentence

ORVIS Superfine glass flying rod is priced at $ 498, which is one of the main glass rods on the market today.Its use of S-2 glass is distinguished from other glass fiber rods, which creates a more stable and inherent and accurate blank.It still has very slow, deep -action glass enthusiasts like it, but it has enough backbone to compete for fishermen & rsquo; today’s attention in the pole market.Compared with previous super glass rods, this is a great progress.