Gear we love right now: October 2022

The gear of the flying fisherman is overloaded, rods, scrolls, boots, wading, lines, packaging, packaging, boxes, boxes, vests, clothing, etc.It seems more and more difficult to know what is coveted and neglected.Gear comments are the best way to explore the best way for you, but it is not suitable for full -length comments, even if it is, it is too much.Considering this, we will regularly show what we are currently useful for us. We hope to provide more useful feedback to Gear, which is worth seeing.

All equipment is welcome here: new, old, cheap, expensive and so on.The purpose is to provide feedback on gears, which have to help the marketing of new products.Sometimes, Great Gear has just been launched, and it has been doing well here at other times.Moreover, as usual, our feedback brings a promise: Unlike many magazines, these magazines have published gears for the products they have never seen before, let alone used Each piece of equipment we wrote was tested on the spot.

Redington Run Fly Reel

Run is a humble casting version of Redington. You can fish next to the raising or any other polished mechanical device. The head is high.On the eyes, arms and wallets, Rayington’s running is that most of us need 95 % of the scrolls of flying fishing.

For beginners, it is a beautiful scroll with a ventilated incision to make it a modern and confident appearance.These incisions are also small because its weight is only 4.7 ounces & mdash; it is lighter than its competitors in the affordable scroll department.Using this wonderful choice to pay huge benefits, the retail price is less than $ 120, you can match the running with your favorite rod and line, leader, tip and fly to provide money.But in addition to the appearance, weight and value, running also provides the quality you may not expect.Its carbon fiber resistance can make your content smooth and almost easy to break free of charge, but the price of the scroll is five times.When you will drag with big trees, the soft handle and buttons are simply disassembled, you only need a little money to get a lot of scrolls.

& MDASH; Johnny Carrol Sain (Johnny Carrol Sain)

Rio River Line

Although bombing banks with a bulky bass may not be refined by Rio, but a magnificent small stream line, they can now add it to the resume.Designed for short rods (especially sage darts) and small catfish fishing. The Crek line is proven to be excellent when the Crek line is thrown on the medium -speed/fast/fast 9 -foot 5 weight rod.

The secret of this tight line is its short and radical cone.This also helps the small stream line to build a half -size weight.All of this means that the line is loaded rapidly and has unexpected short broadcast.There is almost no room in the label Alders and Willows. What you need is everything you need for Creek Line and paired with the medium fast/fast action rod to drive a large -scale bucket or Popper with an authoritative driving.Due to the agent layer of Rio & RSQUO & RSquo’s, it can also be paved with small flies with delicious dishes and impetuous fruits.Although it has the core of cold water, Creek Line provides us with good services even more than 90 degrees of Ozarks.

Rio & rsquo; The S Creek series has a cycle at both ends, with dreamy and smooth (thanks for smooth coating). Its 75 -foot green and creamy long rods are also good on smaller scrolls.In narrow areas and streams, Creek Line has always been tied to any flies that are tied with accuracy.All in all, this is another star line of Rio, with a size of 0-5.

& MDASH; Johnny Carrol Sain (Johnny Carrol Sain)

Sage dart 1 weight flying rod

It has been a while since I took the darts of Xianzhe; a great attitude & mdash; from the protection tube, I know that when I tied it, I would fall in love with it.again.

In a seven and a half feet, it is very suitable for small water, and of course there are smaller fish.But don’t let this is your barometer & mdash; my little dart is compared with the performer.First, it is the speed of such light rods (therefore attitude).Secondly, it is more tolerant than a typical small water.I think this is the product of its close structure.

Recently, I fishes the favorite Danyu Creek in the forest of the reindeer country, and the dart is the last moment.When I dug out the rod library, I was there, I remember: "Hi! I haven’t fishing yet you Wait a moment!"

This is a good phone.I exploded "Creekin & Rsquo;" On the way to my upstream, I put 10 fools on deep water and enjoyed the deliberate rise of streams.When I let go of the fishing rod, it was too hot for a day to fish, and I pointed out the point of view stacking on the top of the chimney & mdash; this is also my first choice for my next trip.

& Mdash; Chris Hunt (Chris Hunt)

Simms Dry Creek Z backpack

I have Dry Creek backpacks. Although I greet it with a skeptical attitude at the beginning, it became my preferred travel backpack. When the plane was carried, and when I needed it, I could wear a bag. I can wear it.One pack.Trail or river.

Since the first round, it has experienced some important iterations.First of all, in the original version, the packaging is very limited & mdash; a tight zipper pocket and a clean sleeve.That’s it.The latest version (top is picture) has a relatively spacious outdoor pocket and two elastic water bottle pockets.

When I got it for the first time, the waterproof zipper (TRU-ZIP dubbing) was great.In fact, in the short puddle jumping from Naisao to the long island of Bahamas, the zipper proves that it has exaggeration of waterproof & mdash.I put it on the plane, because the small planes of the small planes were pressed and pressed, and the air in the bag expanded, turning my backpack into a dense balloon.

However, I would say that, zipper & mdash; this is a heavy zipper system & mdash; you need to clean any debris to run normally.When it is clean, it can work normally and run well.

However, Dry Creek Pack’s best thing may be its durability.Its nylon RipStop structure is almost bulletproof.I was already put it in the rain, and Wades was drowned in the depths, sitting in the water in my boat for a few inches of water, and I was at a loss.And it never broke out.

& Mdash; Chris Hunt (Chris Hunt)

Aktruus military wool blanket

A good wool blanket makes the camping trip very great.But this is not only that.At the place where we often camp, the temperature at night can be reduced at a low of 30, sometimes even lower than the freezing point.In the summer, I despise the furnace driving in the camping car; it literally means to make money fire.Therefore, I have always been another blanket on the bed.

But finding the right blanket has always been a challenge.If it is too heavy, I am too hot.It’s not heavy enough, and I tremble.Call me Goldlox, but this is the fact.

Arturus military wool blanket is now my preferred bed cover & mdash; it is made of 80 % wool, but it can also be washed and great.It is not too heavy, but a solid structure for durability.This is very suitable for the bed, a few sleeping bags, and even sharing next to the bonfire.

Is there no wool blanket in the camping bag?Get one, consider Arcturus.You can thank me later.

& Mdash; Chris Hunt (Chris Hunt)

Swiftwick Socks Pushuit far -foot lightweight

You can only go far, as long as your feet allow and get the support of that truth, I will say that this couple sells one of the most important outdoor equipment.I’m not talking about boots.I’m talking about socks.The best boots in the world are that if you draw anything on your feet, you can appreciate water on your feet, prevent water, and temperature adjustment socks.

Meru Nu wool is the three gold standards of these four requirements, and it is also done well in terms of hygroscopic agents.However, with the addition of Wonder Wicker Olefin fiber, Swiftwick has created the ultimate socks that may be hiking, hunting and even wading.

For a few months, I have been trying to wear a pair of Swiftwicks to hikes. Woodland trek, Wade fishing for a long time, and a cruel afternoon or two hanging Treestands, preparing for the fall of the deer in autumn.Holidays have been dealt with smoothly, and they are not even smelly.With this excellent performance, we include them in the short list of essential supplies for outdoor activities that need almost all types of boots.

& MDASH; Johnny Carrol Sain (Johnny Carrol Sain)