NWA fishing report


Fishing is the transition time from warm water tactics to cold water and cold water.

HoOK, Rogers, Reese Jones, the thread and the pendant.Later that day, using a rotating bait or crank bait in a breeze, or using a plastic worm on a peaceful day.

Strobat bass bite between rock branches and SA worm parks, on Shad or Cyryfish.On the swimming bait, the mountain walnut stream area was captured.

Fayetteville’s southTown Sporting Goods reports that fixtures or small fish are fishing on the brush pile.Black bass can be captured light or deep.Top bait or plastic worms are well used.The corneal white spots bite the crank bait or the night bending rig at the bottom of the bottom of the bottom, and the depth of the gravel and rock dot and the coastline is 25 to 30 feet along the bottom of the bottom.

Beaver tail water

The Beaver Dam Store said that the top fly of flying fishing is red or brown Midge No. 18.The size of 12 wool worms is easy to use.Olives or black are good colors.This river is very low, creating good conditions for Wade fishing.It is recommended to use a 7 -fold fee to fish in low water.

Small fixtures of olive orange or olives are worth trying.Little gold and red spoons are worthy.The prepared catfish bait (such as bait) is most suitable for bait fishing.

There are very few generations of Beaver dams, and most of the day have created good Wade fishing conditions.

Lake Filieteville

David Powell in the lake office said Crapie bite shallow water on a fixture or small fish.Use worms or crickets for Blue G.Black bass and cat fish are slow.

Lake Saya

Mike McBride, a fishingman, said all fishing was slow.Try black bass with plastic worms or crank bait.


HOOK in Bella Vista, Robbie Towner, and Robbie Towner of the line and the pendant, said that black bass bite on the crank bait or fixture and pigs.It is 2 to 6 feet deep.Blue G fishing is very slow.

Please note that Bella Vista’s fishing is only open to POA members and their guests.


Kenny Strop in Siloam Springs recommends the Corolina -style fishing black bass manipulated with a plastic worm.NED rig, top water bait or square -forming crank bait is a good choice for bait.

Siloam Springs,

Crystal lake

Straud recommends using a plastic worm to shake or fall into the style of fishing black bass.Neide drilling rig may also work.

Eastern Oklahoma

Straud suggested that in Lake Eucha’s black bass fishing, shaking or falling style of plastic worms.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Protection Department reported on the fair big mouth bass fishing on Dahu, and used crank bait around the brush, rocks or docks.Crappie bites people or small fish around the brush and pier.Blue Cat fish bites bait or darkness near the dam.

On the Lake Tenkiller, black bass is bite with BRIBRE on the fixture, pig or plastic worms, rocks and plastic worms along the main lake.Try a small fish or brush clip.

Table rock lake

The concentrated fishing guide service reports the black bass biting fixture and pigs, mixed with the rock library with the rock library by 15 to 25 feet deep.A small plastic worm on the drilling rig can use a depth of 25 to 35 feet deep above the rock point or at the top of the cliff at the top of the cliff.

The shaking style of plastic worm or claw operation is very suitable for use.Try early bait.

-The compiled by Flip Putthoff