Greys Expands Line of Popular FIN Fly Fishing Combos

South Carolina Colombia -Grace is known for its innovative design and creative fishing spatula. It has now expanded the popular FIN series, including complete high -performance settings to make fishermen fishing faster.The new FIN Combos has a new Grays FLAY FLY FLY FLY FLY FLY REEL, high -performance and fast -moving finfish rods, and a completely suitable two -color floating line with background and leaders, surpassing the already popular Euronymph combination, including all contentThe settings flow from the stream to the big lake.Now, fishingrs can maximize their time on the water.The FIN combination includes the perfect balance rod and scroll, flight line and leaders available in weight 3 to 8.

  • High -quality fin 4PC flying rod
  • Alloy and wood roll axis
  • AA Cork
  • Feet snake wizard
  • Dance dancer in the lining
  • Ward CD Drag the Fly Fly Scrolls
  • Double -color floating flying line and cycle
  • Fully cooperate with support and cone leaders
  • Provide in a combination rod/scroll box

MSRP: The starting price is $ 269.99
usable: 2022 Autumn

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