Fridays on the Fly | Blue Lining 101 with Drew Fuller of Redington

Friday Instantly | Blue Line 101 and Readon’s Drew Fuller (Drew Fuller)

  Editor’s note: As a brand ambassador for Readen, Drew Fuller spent a lot of time to sort out the wild Monuki stream, making the mountains in Gaoshan, North Carolina. In the "Friday Flying Activity" this week, he shared his secrets, using a flying fishing method called a blue lining, and telling the recent experience. 》 The latest episode of the series.

  Nothing is better than climbing up the waterfall on the boulder and waterfalls in the pursuit. Whether you are entering the waters of fishing, nearby cavity, lakes, or my personal favorite small unknown streams, catfish are rich in North Carolina Highlands.

  People often fish for "blue lining". The blue lining is the favorite among Abbarachia fishermen, because fish are always wild, usually unpopular and very rich.

  Many of our streams are steep and demand crossing, which makes a large pocket water. In my opinion, it is these less close streams that provide the best fishing.

  In Gaoxian County, North Carolina, I did a lot of fishing there, and it was easy to find remote streams that supported wild brown, rainbow and local stream catfish. I found a lot of my collections by searching for maps and Google Earth. Generally speaking, the farther from people, the better.

  Although the fish is easy to find, it may be another story to catch them. Wild Kan is famous for being very scared.

  In order to get the best results, I will try my best to hide myself behind the obstacles and keep it low -key.

  Fish is not very picky about flies, but more is a demonstration. You can always fish in these streams and fish in these small rivers.

  Therefore, if you can hide it, get a decent actor and stay away from the trees, the catfish cannot resist.

  The average fish size range is about 6 to 10 inches, with a few more than 10 inches. Although it is rare, some of them can support upper teenagers and wild catfish above 20 inches.

  In order to cast and fight with small fish in these narrow running, I prefer to use short 2 weight glass fiber rods. It is difficult to defeat the exquisite wild fish in some very tight streams. Your movement and fishing can be caught on the secluded blue line of the day, which makes me look back!

  Readen is currently released the second season of the "Finding your Water" online series. From 2 weighing to Spey Rods, this series will cover a variety of fish -related episodes. As the ambassador of the brand, I am lucky to be able to make a debut in the latest episode.

  We dragged KGB Productions to some beautiful blue lines and dragged on some other local water. Without all extra equipment and crew, it is difficult to zoom in the stream without scaring the fish. But with a little patience and teamwork, everything is good.

  Unfortunately, how much we can shoot before the rain, which makes smaller water intolerable. I am honored to show the guys around, and can represent the Abbarachia blue lining on behalf of the "Find Water" series. Considering this situation, I am still happy about the results of this episode!

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