From Littleton to Nairobi, Ascent Fly Fishing Spans the Globe

Since 2013, Peter Stitcher, the owner of Ascent Fly Fishing, has been flying out of his Littaton garage, but don’t let his company humble excavators confused for small -scale operations.The trained water biologists have established an international supply chain to provide flies for fishermen around the world.

In the first part of his career, Stitcher helped the land owner to build a private trophy catfish fishery.He uses this experience-the species and sub-species of catfish in North America, Batayonia and New Zealand catfish from the samples and data from fish and game institutions and other researchers.The three most popular flying fishing areas and Shiqi tailored his flight area.

With this database, Stitcher can identify which rising inventory of 600,000 flight patterns can best match any water channel errors in these areas.He said: "I may not have a sample in a specific tributary, but based on the insects similar to altitude in the large stream nearby, I can also infer those bugs that will exist."

Flys are usually made of feathers and fur.Ascent purchased the former from Delta’s White Farms. The feather of his chicken was precious by the flies because of the color and texture of its feathers, while its elk’s hair came from the cow cluster in the southern park area of Colorado.

Like the flying layer of many competitors, the 55 full staff of Ascent live in Nairobi, Kenya.("No matter where the British go, they bring fishing," Stitcher said.) The company not only provides medical care for their flies, and the micro -group of living wages and interesting, but also has 6 % of Ascent profits.Stitcher said: "We are the housekeeper of this [hobby]. We share with us so that their children can go to college and get medical care."

You can buy flies online alone, or you can make an appointment from Stitcher’s garage.The fishingman can also let Stitcher and his team put all the data into work and build a customized flying box, not only for specific seasons and river or rivers., Style, price range.He said: "If you bring one of my flying box out of a fishing guide, I hope the guide will give you a tip at the end of the day because they have learned a lot."