Celebrate New Mexico: San Juan River fly fishing

The country’s attractions are located in the northwestern part of New Mexico.>> I like everything to work outdoors.But I was holding a fishing rod in my hand, and I didn’t know what I was doing.Fortunately for me, we have a bunch of flying fishing wizards, Jack Maestas.Or fishing Jack.On the first day of a day, he only took a few minutes to roll up.We are on the San Juan River below Navajo.>> This may be the top 10 of the country without water.Located in the desert.>> You put Go Pro in the water and see catfish everywhere.They are also very big.The fish eats well here, there are many foods there.When you walk, they will come to you because you are kicking some food.They call it San Hu’an’s bulk, and when you fish, it is frown or considered cheating.Jack fishing says that people come from all over the world to fish these water.It leaves him here every day, guiding or fishing.>> This is the best office there.>> Jack was born and grew up in the Alberth.His love for Flying Fishing started on the PECOS River about 5 years ago.>> A older guy is fishing, he pulled one by one, which inspired me to start and get his own equipment.>> He mainly guides the novice and has confidence, even if I catch a fish by my side.>> Simple.You can do this.>> He grabbed a lot today.