OPINION | ARKANSAS SPORTSMAN: Trout fishing in Colorado nothing like Arkansas

In 1981, my friend Rich Long and I fell into the deep canyon of the Rio Grande River near Questa, New Jersey.

Lang (Long) is a central graduate of Xiaoshi City in 1982 and lives in western Maryland.Every spring, we once visited northern New Mexico, QUESTA and TAOS.The catfish water flows through that canyon.I am determined to return it and fishing, and some beaver ponds on the mountain, but I have never done it.

However, last week, I fishing with Greg Graham, a Greg Graham near the Lake Castle City.

Arkansas have huge catfish fishing in some large reservoirs, but except for the free flowing streams in the West, these waters are a universe.The distinctive landscape makes the water given life more precious.The catfish is wild, and the country has no inventory Graham and me fishing.

Water temperature is also obvious.Arkansas’ catfish seems to need water within 50 degrees.

The water in Colorado is very warm and can wear shorts.The catfish looks very comfortable, but by August, the warm weather is under great pressure.

A fanatic fisherman Graham said: "When the water becomes warm and low, the state requires fishingmen not to fish to avoid excessive stress fish."

The foundation in Arkansas is dangerous.In southern Colorado, this is the most unstable landscape I have ever seen.Each rock on the stream bed is loose.Every half a step is threatened to spread you.They are smooth in a way that is not suitable for soles.

You do need a wading employee to wading in these waters.I have always refused to use employees, but Colorado persuaded me.I bought a foldable employee in Dan’s Fly Shop in Lake Colorades.

Sportsman Fly Shop is another flight shop in Hucheng.Graham has a hat of two, but he avoided the town.In such a small community, wearing the wrong hat in the wrong store will not do it.In the town, he wore a hat with R.L. Winston Fly Rods and a logo.

Foldable water -related personnel are wise choices.It is very thick, strong, with sharp tip.It also has all the hardware needed to connect it to the flying vest.

I regret that I bought a new pair of FROGG TOGGs wading socks.Once out of the outing, a seam of a sock was broken.I was a little disappointed with Korkers’s wading boots.I have only been one year, but the upper toe has begun to get rid of the soles.Such expensive boots should not happen.

If it fails, I bought a pair of chota wading boots, and DAN was sold during the customs clearance.

I can’t say a good thing for REilly’s Rod Crafter’s 4 weight Kildare Fly Rod.Match with Sage 2230 scroll, which is very suitable for anywhere of catfish and bass 48.

After an excellent fishing journey on Sunday, Graham’s blind storm made the mountain noticed.A dark cloud released rain and rain, turning to the size of hail.Fortunately, the hail was wet enough to splash on the windshield, and no Graham fixed Ford Bronco in 1972.

The hail has accumulated 2-3 inches on the road and its shoulders.We walked around and met the first one of the five mudslides.

The slope of the mountain is about 75 degrees and ends on the shoulder.Imagine that a considerable part of the mountainside drops straight on your vehicle. This is a mud mud river that covers a thick layer of hail.

Fortunately, Graham’s wild horses are large enough, strong enough to cultivate soil.We are one of the last people to spend.The highway was closed for about five hours.Highway staff remained muddy on Tuesday.

La deer is everywhere in Lake City.Bucks are now in velvet.A 4X4 Bark’s wandering town looks huge.

I have always wanted a Mzo deer, but it is expensive to hunt Mule deer.While fishing with Graham on Sunday, I monitored a bone on the river bank.It was a young ULE deer with 2X2.Graham calls it a prefabricated European Mountain.

I took it away and set out another project from my last wish list.