What is fly fishing and fly tying and what are its benefits?

Aniya Faulcon is a smart conversation host/producer of Witf.She is keen to clarify the unique figures, experience and views in the community.

Previously, she had served as a reporter and social trend reporter/video anchor | LNPNEWS.During her time, she created a video package, provided real -time reports of Facebook in community activities, and in Lancaster’s local leaders, non -profit organizations, activities, and people with unique talents and experiences performedPopulation census data and special reports, and provide special reports on local leaders, non -profit organizations, and activities.county.

Aniya has also served as a sales assistant in WMAR ABC 2 News, and is an executive assistant and media correspondent on the US American newspaper.Aniya internship at Weaa Gospel Grace 88.9 and at her alma mater, Point Park University’s WWPJ work, where she gained skills and enthusiasm for broadcasting.

Aniya grew up in Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland, and went to the High School of the Balt Momo Academy of Art.She continued to hone her skills and the enthusiasm of the storytelling story. Later, she graduated from Point Park University in 2018 and received a bachelor’s degree in art from performance and radio reports.Aniya is eager to continue her story in the role of Witf, because her goal is to clarify the real figures and real stories in Pennsylvania in various media.