Writing On The Fly: Great Fly Fishing In Mount Washington Valley

Because the river is fast, I suggest that Jim uses the beads to make it to reach the bottom of the fish.Jim added that he and his son performed well last week.Jim (Jim) went to a bank with a falling tree in the water.A few minutes later, Jim grabbed a beautiful brown and stream.

I fishing in a nearby area, my retrieval was too fast, and missed another area.The sun is coming, hitting nearly 90 degrees, and then happening.The "tube cabin" began to fall on the water.Jim and I looked at each other and decided to hit the Elis River.There may be swimmers, but there are no music and no stems.

We drove north along Ellis and stopped in several places.I switched to the light -colored ORVIS 3 weight super elves, put on the size 18 beads Caddis, and found two beautiful wild stream catfish in a small swimming pool.We checked some other attractions and decided to return to the place where I left the truck.

I never kept surprised by the beauty of Bai Mountain.Many rivers are the main habitats of catfish. In the valley (even if it is not northeast), wild streams have the most popular prizes in the valley.Therefore, when the fishing people in the northern rural areas stop, get free fishing maps, and enjoy the fishing Bei Kangwei and Washington Valley.

GDover’s Eorge Liset is an award -winning outdoor writer and fanather. He shared him on the water to explore the streams and rivers of the New Hampshire on the water and the river and New England.The insights of the river.George graduated from Weton College of Illinois and New Hampshire University. The column of New England News Association and New Hampshire News Association has been awarded.