Maine Fly Company: Small Batch Fly Rods and the Love of Fishing

As early as 2018, Jeff Davis, the founder and CEO of MAINE FLY Company (MAINE FLY Company), was the idea of implanting a small batch of flight rods to keep the fly fish fishing heritage of fish fishing.The key to his motherland.All of us care about the sustainability of the woods, fields, and especially our waterway, which is the first method to enhance the future of the next generation.Davis’s love for fishing shows that the handmade production of fly fishing equipment can create miracles when supporting what we do and where we do.

Whether you carefully observe the custom rod or one of the iconic small batch of the batch, you will quickly understand that this outdoor fishing supplier is a special company.You can find them online, but visit Yarmouth in Maine, and the position of Maine is the best way to find this unique organization to help further fishing information.

The town of Yaomers, Maine is located in the famous Casco Gulf, the Atlantic Coast between Portland and Bhun Rick Street.The coastline here is famous for its beauty. This is due to the amazing islands, entrances and Cays, but the river system that spreads throughout the area brings some of the best fishing opportunities in the United States.Not only that, in a very easy place, the inland salmon and catfish lake in Sebago Lake.It also has excellent small bass fisheries.But the rivers all over the town are where everything begins.

The Royal River is not the most powerful river in Maine, but it is famous for its catfish embellishment of the river bank and swimming in the waters.It arrived from the source of SabbathDay Lake to the ocean of Yarmouth, the hometown of Benin Flying, about 26 miles.

The company’s origin comes from Davis’s late father and his enthusiasm for fishing.According to the company’s website:

Part of the Minson Flies is to celebrate my late father’s enthusiasm for fishing and Maine.It is the heritage of the Minson Flying Fishing that keeps my father’s spiritual energy. I hope to pass to my three sons and future descendants of the future.In his name, we celebrate the sport of fly fishing, praise the exquisite craftsmanship, and continue to work in the sustainability of the lakes and streams in Maine.

The main goal of Minson Flying Corporation even surpassed the excellent flying rods in production and sales, which inspired and supported "inter -love of fishing for all family members."This is a simple way to ensure your priority.

According to your own specifications, the cost of owning your own flying rod may quickly exceed the budget of many fishermen.In fact, some people can turn your eyes because they are so expensive.But the Benin flight company has lowered at $ 379.It can rise from there, but this is a very impressive starting point.The best part is that they will personally guide you to complete the entire process and show all possible combinations.To a large extent, it depends on the species and sizes you want to target. The place you want to fish and your personal style and size.This idea is to create a pole that is definitely the best tool for your work, and the flies in Maine do do well.

As the company said, each custom rod is equipped with the signature rod tube of the Maine Flying Company for protection, which is a guarantee method to obtain a "unique rod like you".

The small batch rod is also a large lottery. Each pole is named after the northeast waterway, which is an ideal choice for various styles and species.Some are very popular, so that the extended version and more production are obtained, while others are real "small batches" rod, which can only be used before disappearing.The price of the price from Most Battle of Maine Flight Company is as low as $ 300 to 400.

Stores and online websites provide ROSS and cheeky scrolls (some pre -loads), flight lines, leaders and toes, to support all flying corner needs of fishermen, as well as Niper, pliers, small bags and truly cool public business wallets.Of course, you will find flies, but you can also play boxes, pockets, rods, sunglasses, books and stickers.They even sell hats, hoodes, T -shirts and gift cards like most good flying shops.

As you expected, people using Maine’s equipment found that this flying fishing company is fulfilling their promises, which makes them very satisfied.Online comments are always positive, and they have strong social media attention.It is not surprising that their names are increasingly appearing in the fishing circle across the country.In fact, CAST & Carve mentioned them

Aware that new equipment companies are part of what we like to do, especially when we see the brand named ourselves in a positive way.This is the case in Maine Flying Company. This is a group of generations of fishing fishermen made things for other fishermen.It is not better than this.

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